FT-Narrow spacing 6 strings with beautiful figured top

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by dooft11, Nov 15, 2005.

  1. dooft11


    Dec 30, 2003
    After all years of strings no. chasing, I realized i missed a really solid jazz in the closet, and the memory about the root of bass sound is fading...

    I am looking for a trade with my custom build 6 strings for your four jazz type bass....( I guess no one will want to put a sadowsky in.. if yes... :smug: )

    My 6 was build by a backed off luither in State. I got it from the bay year ago. narrow string spacing 16mm, 35 scale, equiped with two Bart dual coil soapbar, NTMB(?) 3 bands Pre. it used to be in 4 knobs config, but weeks ago i upgraded to 5 knobs with smaller knobs for the Tre-mid-bass to get some Fodera smell.( check out my thread for the search of ' small knobs' which a lot of guys laughed at my English.. and finally i find them) . Each pickup was also wired with series-sC- parallel pickup mode selector.

    Highly figured F. maple top with birdeyes maple FB, body core is walnut and maple laminate. neck tru.. black hardware.

    One thing.. the bass is not bright slappy sounding but a darker one with long sustain.. it is weire to me.. i think i shall be born as a fretless... ng... :rolleyes: for any question and more background story, please PM with no hesitatiion.

    In fact i am going to sell it at 800US with 50US shipping to wherever you are( poor outside US TBer.. i always eat up the shipping cost for a better sell...). so value it with your four. I am also ok with Warmoth Jazz. fretted or fretless(lined)
    If you have some nice one i may consider to add cash for yours.





    I will shot some better pics on Sat. so bare with the crappy pics first.
  2. pathdoc2


    Oct 16, 2002
    McKinney, TX
    I've read your add but I can't figure out who made this bass. Who built this instrument?
  3. pathdoc2


    Oct 16, 2002
    McKinney, TX
    Does anyone else have an idea who built this bass?
  4. Hey!!

    Nice to see the pix - even tho "crappy" - The five pot arrangement is nice too.

    Headstock looks like a Roscoe copy with a Sukop tiltback tuner thing.

    I'll be looking forward to the better pix..perhaps a side shot down the neck to see its condition.

    Some luthier info would be appreciated too, since there's no name on it (if you have it).

  5. messiest


    May 17, 2005
  6. dooft11


    Dec 30, 2003
    thanks for the free tag bro chow. Still want my Ken Lawrence?
  7. Brad Maestas

    Brad Maestas Sono est omnia Gold Supporting Member

    Nov 26, 2003
    Petaluma, CA, USA
    I wonder who's insignia is on the cavity plate.
    I smell Fodera in the headstock and horns. The volute and neck lams remind me of Mike Tobias. Pretty thing, she is! Spruce ramp? Too bad the spacing isn't wider.

    Now can you please tell us who built it?

  8. I don't think he really knows for sure. Like his profile says:

    "Meyer? 5 which i got from ebay"

    And I have GAS in the worst way right now. I want it :D
  9. pathdoc2


    Oct 16, 2002
    McKinney, TX
    I want this bass. Very nice looking. Tight string spacing works for me.
  10. dooft11


    Dec 30, 2003
    thanks for all the appreciation. i love this bass that why i kept it for quite some times. to be honest, the craftmanship wont is far behind my Nordstrand and the Ken Lawrence. but for a bass i get with such a price ( i got it for 1000 + little bite of shipping) i really appreciate the wood choice and colour of the baby.

    I did spent a lot of time to try to find her father.. but the guy who claimed to be the builder who sell me the bass had disappeared, and as my previous post, i try to look for him in TB, however, after Mr.Meyer in TB claimed that it is not his work.. i kindof gave up on it.
    well, just let me be her father than.

    Thanks again for all your support in bumping up this thread
  11. messiest


    May 17, 2005
  12. *Still drooling*

  13. dooft11


    Dec 30, 2003
    Sales pending, thanks for all the enquiry and kind word
    Lokire is the first one who contacted me, and we are working on a trade, an i still own him some pics. I only think i need to work out is someone is offering a sale from Bassgear almost at the same time as Lokire....

    so the bass will either go to Lokire or the Mr.?
    thanks again for all your support

    by the way.. big reminder to everyone
    DONT SHOW THE UGLY TEST RAMP ON THE PICS.. ;) ( thats what i have done.)

    PM will sent to TBplayer and those who sent enquiry.. sorry guys..

    I will be off to China for a B trip and talk to you guys later this week
  14. :hyper:

    *crosses fingers*

  15. That's cool - you've made my decision easier - hope to get a review from whomever gets this!

    Have a safe and blessed journey!!