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FT: New Keyboard w Drum Machine & Bass tones, etc for Bass

Discussion in 'For Sale: Other Stuff (Not bass related)' started by Quadzilla, Apr 3, 2006.

  1. Quadzilla

    Quadzilla Supporting Member

    I have a brand new never used keyboard for sale. I bought two of them (one for each of my sons, but one has no interest). It's a $400 MSRP setup including the stand and I never even opened the box. It has a built in drum machine, lots of bass tones (includng slap!!!) too, etc, etc, etc (100's of tones, beats, etc). In a couple of the pictures, the one opened is the one that I have for my other son. The one you will get is the one pictured not open. I'm willing to kick in a little cash for the right bass or amp if needed. Here is more info:

    Link to extensive product info:







    61 keys with touch response
    ZPI sound source (stereo sampling)
    32-note polyphony (max.)
    790 tones: 566 presets (300 advanced, 128 GM, 72 various, 16 drum sets, 50 drawbar organs), 224 user-programmable tones (100 user, 20 user + wave, 4 drum sets + wave, 100 user drawbar organs)
    piano-setting button (allows direct switchover to piano mode with stereo piano sound and activates pianostyle)
    drawbar function
    key transpose and tuning control
    split- and layer function
    232 digital effects: 100 DSP + 16 reverbs + 16 chorusses + 100 user
    equalizer: 10 levels, 4 bands, 16 user
    140 rhythms (including 20 piano patterns) + 16 user
    16 drum sets and 4 user sets
    one-touch presets
    registration memory 4 x 8 Banks
    flash ROM 2 MB (wave, SMF, tones, accompaniment patterns, DSP, songs, OTP, registration)
    SMF direct play (flash rom)
    song sequencer: 5 songs, 6 tracks, real time rec., step rec. (10,000 notes)
    General MIDI
    LC-Display (backlit)
    terminals: headphone / audio out, pedal in (assignable), MIDI in/out
    loudspeaker: 2 x 12 cm (bass reflex),
    2 x 2.5 W
    power supply: AD-5 G (9.0 V) or 6 batteries, size D (both optional)
    size (w x d x h): 96o x 375 x 146 mm
    weight: 5.6 kg approx.
    New ZPI Sound Source (Zygotech Polynomial Interpolation)
    Optimized data compression and a polynomial interpolation based waveform playback process combine to produce amazingly clear and realistic sounds. Piano tones are produced using digital samples of two concert grands. Other sounds include saxophone tones that incorporate realistic breath techniques, rich strings, and guitar sounds so realistic you can hear the strings being strummed.
    The latest wavedata sounds, rhythms, DSP settings, registration storage data and melodies can be downloaded from the website CASIO Music Site. Then the data is transferred to the keyboard via MIDI.
    Provides 50 drawbar sounds. These give you direct access to optimize the individual foot positions in live performance. 100 user channels are available for your own combinations.
    A total of 300 Advanced Tones are programmed with DSP tones to make them richer and more powerful. Advanced tones like Stereo Piano and Tremolo Electric Piano enhance the Piano and Electric Piano tones to create a totally new sound.
    A progressive filter system modifies sustained sounds in such a way that they come even closer to their analogue originals. Not only the relative volume is influenced by the touch; greater pressure also produces harder sounds, whereas a gentler touch creates softer tones.
    Free selection from plenty of pre-programmed equaliser settings that support a whole range of sounds and styles. In addition, the basses, lower middle notes, higher middle notes and high notes are adjustable. (10 preset equaliser accompaniment patterns: standard, volume, rock, dance, jazz, classic)
    Displays timbre, rhythm, metronome, tempo, beat, keyboard tone, tone of the score, the make-up and designation of the chord, the 16-channel mix and lots more besides.
    CASIO is aiming for the future! With a brand new keyboard program that allows you to save and playback WAVE files in the keyboard. That is the new editing dimension with unlimited possibilities, and they are only available from CASIO. You can now view the complete program on CASIO's music site and download for free for the new high-performance keyboards CTK-691, WK-3000 and WK- 3500. The new software makes it possible to retrieve new timbres, sounds with wave data, drum sets with wave data, rhythms, standard MIDI files, songs, registrations and DSP settings on to the PC, edit them to your heart's delight and then load them straight onto the keyboard. That promises no end of variety and fun right from the start!

  2. klocwerk


    May 19, 2005
    Somerville, MA
    wrong forum, belongs in Other For Sale, or Wanted.
    good luck!

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