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FT Nordstrand NX6 - one of a kind and Carey won't build another

Discussion in 'For Sale: Europe & International' started by vilkai, May 14, 2011.

  1. vilkai


    Jul 1, 2008
    Nordstrand custom NX6, set-neck construction.

    Carey Nordstrand has fantastic luthier skills and he knows how to make a player's instrument. It needs to be stressed that I'm only letting this go because I now have TWO Roscoe Century Signature sixers and they give me my tone. (Or is my tone now the 'Roscoe tone?') I can take the hit in playability, since I'm never hired to do bass acrobatics anyways.

    The specific things this bass has right are:

    - Firstly, the tone. Mandolin frets give the bass a more complex tone than on most basses, and Carey's pickups and pre-amp do a variety of tones well, but the Jazz Bass tones this bass does are fantastic. Playing with the tone in active and passive modes lets you dial in your favourite JB tones. Does also do a dub humbucker tone. Carey is a wizard. It's a very responsive bass despite having a set neck. Don't Foderas often have set necks?

    - Secondly, the playability. This bass has I) fantastic balance on a strap and on the lap. Feels like a well-balanced fiver, in fact. II) The String spacing is 18 mm and can be adjusted between 17,5 and 18,5 - I've left it at 18 which makes for easy chording. III) The tiny frets are easier to play on than the normal frets IV) The neck. Oh, the neck. It's not as wafer thin as some Smith necks but the profile is a fantastic ovoid. 53 mm wide at the nut and 70mm at 12th fret. 24mm thick at 12th fret. V) Does a stupidly low setup without buzz. 34.5" scale, meatier c string, spankable b, no stretching involved.

    - Thidly, the looks. The dove may be a off-putting for some, but playing this bass feels like heaven, so it's apt. (How's that for schmaltzy?) Apart from that, a classic looker.


    The bad: this bass has had a bit of bad luck, but has been VERY well repaired. The top is no longer the original one, but no-one would know. Needs to be said, though.

    I'll have to warn you lot that I may well decide to keep this.

    What I'm looking for: a (fretless) six with 35" scale. Absolutely no Fenders of any sort, no Fender lookalikes, no fours. Thanks for reading that last sentence!

    Can't be had for love or gold now, but a fabulous fretless will do just nicely, ty. :) Brands I'd be especially interested in: Brubaker, MTD, Kenneth Lawrence, Turner, Roscoe, W&T, Wal, maaybe Smith. Would go plus or minus cash depending on what's offered. Really mostly looking for a fretless now, but might go for a fretted, I'm fickle that way.

    Trade value? Maybe about 3k?

    I'll need to crop some photos now, and weigh this bass.

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