SOLD FT ONLY - Aguilar DB112 & DB112NT in White Hot for Aguilar SL112's

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  1. FT ONLY

    First off, I love these cabs...I really do...I am using them tonight and tomorrow night and would happily continue to use them but my lower back is very interested in a pair of Aguilar SL112's...

    I have two Aguilar padded covers for each...the cabs themselves are in great rips or scratches...I always use the covers to transport...maybe a couple of drink rings on the top (tweetered cab) that should wipe off no problem...

    Ideally, I would like to trade for the SL112's with covers as well...

    I realize the value on the SL112's is higher therefore I am willing to add a Hofner Icon Club Bass in Trans Black (with gig bag)...or cash!!

    I guess I am just hoping someone out there has the Aguilar SL112's and has always been wanting the DB112/DB112NT's in White Hot!!!

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  2. I didn't have a pic handy for the Hofner Icon Club but I found the old FS thread...I have a nice little Epiphone gig bag that it fits in...snuggly...but fits!

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  3. Bumping this one again...I realize it is a "worth a shot" type trade...but really hoping to get some SL112's...I will try this for a bit and if there is no action I will just hang on to my beautiful White Hot DB112's and remove the ad
  4. TTT
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  6. one last bump...actually dealing with a retail chain on the possibility of a trade in/upgrade to the SL112' last bump
  7. just thought i would give it the old fashioned college try...closing the ad now...gonna keep them
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