SOLD FT ONLY: Hamer CH-12, Univox Stereo Bass, Hagstrom HIIBN

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  1. Looking to trade one or more of the following basses +/- a small amount of cash for:

    • Gallien-Krueger Amps (1001RB-II or newer class D)
    • Genz Benz Amps (Only certain newer ones)
    • Dingwalls of any kind. (Not interested in any other guitars of any type).

      Anything else I might find amusing, if you don't try you will never know... but don't take it personally if I don't want your stuff. :D

      Pictures of all the basses are at:

      Basses to trade:

      Hamer CH-12 Chaparral 12 String Bass

      Strung Eee Aaa Ddd Ggg for those who have never played one.

      Original Korean model, not the Chinese or Indonesian models. These are considered the best quality of the CH-12s.
      One small ding on the front edge as show in the pictures, other than that in like new shape.

      The bass was professionally modded so you can change batteries without removing the control cavity cover which makes it way better for gigging.

      Examples of 12 string bass can be hear on Pearl Jam's Jeremy, Cheap Trick, King's X, or this dude . A sonic wall of sound.

      Weight: 9lbs 14oz

      Traded!1976? Univox Stereo Bass

      Circa 1976 or there-abouts. In stellar shape for its age. One very small rub at the tip of the headstock that is hardly noticeable. The body and neck are without marks/swirls that I can find. Natural with white binding on body and fret board.

      Has been modded with a Seymour Duncan pickups in both positions. A small amount of routing was done to fit the bridge pickup (this is not in any way visible). I still have the originals which would be included with the bass.

      Weight: 8lbs 14.2oz

      1971 Hagstrom HIIBN

      Definitely not a collectors piece but a great player. The frets are in good shape but the body has quite a bit of mojo (chips, paint issues, the works). The headstock has the original decal but there is some lifting of the finish in the area above it. Also, note the two small extra holes in the top; I can't even begin to imagine what they were for. A bonus, non-original strap post is also provided by the neckplate on the rear of the bass. Looks OK from 10' away.

      If you haven't played a Hagstrom before you are in for a treat. This is the fastest playing bass neck I have ever encountered.
      Bass is #61 of 300 from the 810 series run (1971).

      Weight: 8lbs 12.5oz

      Ask if you would like better pictures or if you have questions.:bassist:
  2. Just to clarify, I would set the trade value of these basses at about $500 each.

    Feel free to PM me if you think the values are out of line, even with proper research these basses are a bit hard to pin down price-wise.

    Also, this link might be easier to use for the pictures:
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    Pmed on the univox
  5. PM responded to.
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    Aug 3, 2012
    If you want to sell the Hagstrom outright, pm me and let's talk. I'm assuming you could remove the neck for shipping? Thanks!
  7. Pm Replied. Also updated the add as the Univox Stereo is gone, gone, gone...
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