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  1. I have a well used Pedaltrain PT-1-HC board and case (suitcase style) that continues to serve me well. Problem is I play almost no FX and am looking to downsize.

    It does not have any mounting brackets

    I want:
    -PedalTrain Jr. or Mini with soft case
    -PolyTune Mini
    -MXR Bass Envelope Filter


    PM any interest!

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  2. 'nuther pic...

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  3. vini138


    Mar 17, 2012
    Still for sale?
  4. Ya still available. Sorry for the tardy response (forgot to subscribe to my own thread)
  5. PhatRon

    PhatRon I blow bass

    Feb 29, 2012
    Lake Stevens, Wa.
    pm'd you yesterday. Still there for trade?
  6. Trade completed!

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