FT Stingray 4H for G@L L2000

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  1. Well the title pretty much says it all. I have a Black cherry burst stingray 4h that I'm looking to trade for a US G@L L2000. The stingray originally came with a maple neck but I swapped it for a rosewood off of another 2012 ray simply because I liked the way the basses looked better this way. The neck fit perfectly tight. Looking at it you'd never be able to tell that it didn't come stock this way. The body is perfect with only light swirl marks on the pick guard and the rear of the bass. The neck is flawless with little to no fret wear and a gorgeous piece of rosewood. Of course it sounds just like a stingray should....thundering lows and glass shattering highs. As far as the L2000 goes I'm looking for a burst of some type or straight black. I prefer maple but rosewood is not a deal breaker by any means with the right body finish. Here is a shot of the bass when it had a maple neck on it and then the only current shot I have of it with the rosewood neck.
    Hit me up...Let's see what's out there.
    Thanks TB:bassist:
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    Are those smudges on the upper horn?
  3. Anything that looks weird in either picture is just a reflection or a lighting issue. The finish is next to perfect on this one.
    Come to think of it, I did replace the pickguard seen in the pic with the maple neck with a new one from EB.
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  6. This one appears to be traded and headed East.