FT: VM Fretless Jazz Neck for fretted P-bass neck

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  1. Squier Vintage Modified Fretless Jazz neck, lined phenolic fingerboard. Very little play. Professionally leveled, fingerboard looks like ebony, no wear, no dings, straight, truss rod works well, loaded.

    Want to trade for a loaded, fretted P-bass neck, with rosewood board. A nice wide nut preferred. Will consider Squier VM or CV, MIM Fender, Mighty Mite, Warmoth, etc. Would chip in a few bucks if necessary.

    Neck is located in London, Ontario, Canada, 2 hours NE of Detroit. Will ship to US.
  2. Bumpity-bump.

    Call me fickle, but I realized that I WON'T consider a Jazz neck, even if it's fretted...
  3. I've got a fretted neck for you. PM sent.
  4. PM's responded to. Any further interesting trades out there?
  5. Bump for edited content. Show me your big/fat/wide fretted P-bass necks!
  6. Still Available?
    I'm in London Ontario too, with a Squier P-bass neck. PM if you're interested!
  7. Still available, still looking for the right trade...
  8. Trade in the works, for a Squier CV P-bass neck.
  9. Closed. The necks are in the mail...