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SOLD FT Warwick Flashback 5

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by FL Knifemaker, Jul 28, 2009.

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  1. SOLD!!

    When I bought this, I also bought a Lull P5 at the same time. My plan was to sell the one that agreed with me less. After several months and a tough decision, the Flashback is on the trading block :) If it had wider spacing it would be a keeper for sure.

    The info....I believe it's a '96. Everything is original. These are very hard to find. Aprox. 700 Flashbacks were made, less than half were 5-string models. Burgundy Wine, ash body, JAN-I nut, 2TEK string-thru-body bridge. Passive electronics with MEC lipstick tube pickups. Controls are volume/balance/tone, and the volume knob is a push/pull coil tap for the bridge pickup.

    Overall condition is very good to excellent. It has two VERY minor dings on the edge of the body and light scratching on the back but not HEAVY buckle rash. The aluminum pups have some slap wear due to poor setup at one point in the basses life :( The setup now is PEFECT, low with NO buzz or problems. All hardware works perfectly. It comes with a hardshell case but I have to figure out if it's the OHSC. I'll update this info later. I have too many cases in my office :rollno:

    The tone and playability is to DIE for!! :bassist:




    What I'm interested in:

    Nash P
    Older Fender P
    Old MM Stingrays
    Anything intersting except Jazz basses, P's with Jazz necks, fretless or another 5er :)
    I can add cash to round out a deal but I really don't want to trade down.
    Shipping Intl. using YOUR Fedex or DHL account ONLY.
  2. e-kill


    Apr 24, 2001
    Sweden / Stockholm
    And how much would you like for this beaut?
  3. If nothing interesting comes along as far as trades, I'll post a cash price. I have some local deals that might pan out as well.
  4. Cash offers in the $1200 range?? Again, I can add cash to the right trade deal :)
  5. SpacemanBassman


    Apr 13, 2007
    How much are you asking for the car? :p
  6. I just got it but, I could work out a package deal :) I haven't had a speeding ticket in a long time but I have a feeling that could change soon :(

    Still open to interesting trades......Interesting NON JAZZ WIDTH necked 4 bangers, P basses, Bongo 4H?? Lemme know whatcha got. I'm easy although I can't be had on the fist date :p
  7. Rumblefish always considered as well :hyper:
  8. Ba Ba BUMP!!! :bassist:
  9. OK, 1K shipped within the CONUS.

    I'd be very interested in a Bongo 4H or a Stringray 4H, again, cash could be added to round out a trade deal ;)
  10. daveonbass

    daveonbass Supporting Member

    Apr 5, 2001
    Waupun, WI
    Interesting bass, love the lipstick pickups, but I also never seem to have a fiver that has the tight string spacing very long... No fretboard dots is another minus for me, I like having my dots...

    I've owned several Warwick products over the years, always great quality... geez - any way you could expand the string spacing and add fretboard dots? Then I'll make an offer :p

    In the meantime, how much for the BMW? :D
  11. I love everything about the bass except for the string spacing. I never think about the dots, some of my basses have them, others don't.
    I'm keeping the Beemer, it's still not even broken in :) I'm just waiting for the cooler weather to drive it with the top down!!
  12. daveonbass

    daveonbass Supporting Member

    Apr 5, 2001
    Waupun, WI
    My main basses are Lakland Scheff 5s, I have two of them and LOVE the lipstick pickups... the look, the sound... awesome.

    So... this bass is unlike anything I currently own (so is the beemer for that matter)... I just know tight spacing and no dots usually equals fast turnarounds in my arsenal... yet I can't stop looking...

  13. jady


    Jul 21, 2006
    Modesto, CA

    I havent had "The Urge" for a Warwick for a long time..............GAS building.
  14. Gas is a horrible thing and this bass will cure it :D
  15. Sunday Bumperoo :bassist:
  16. eyeballkid


    Jul 19, 2009
    pm sent
  17. Some interesting offers but the Flashback is still available. Any interesting trades considered but I don't really need another 5er and I don't like SKINNY Jazz necks :D
  18. atrapp


    Dec 4, 2006
    Portland, OR
    sweet bass, had a Fortress R&B - rare basses for sure!
  19. Last Bump!

    I've lost faith in the market :) Then again, I don't mind keeping this one. Always interested in trade offers.
  20. Gassing for change Bump :smug:
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