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    Hey all-

    This is a killer bass from Pat Wilkins, a well known builder and finisher from Van Nuys, CA. This is a 4-string J style bass with Bartolini pups and a 3-band Bart pre-amp with switchable mids. It has probably the best neck I've ever played, about 8-9lbs., ebony "no dot" board, cool black finsh with green/blue sparkles, hsc, in EX cond with two minor dings.

    This bass is something Bootsy would love. However, it just ain't me.....

    Wilkins basses go for $1600-$2800 new. I know this isn't worth that, but it's a great bass nonetheless.

    Looking for interesting trades: prefer 5's but will consider 4's. Any and all ash-body USA-made G&L's considered. Any and all Laklands considered. Any and all hollowbodies considered. Aw, hell -- I'll consider anything interesting -- run it by me, you never know...

    Send pix to dukeplaysbass (at) yahoo (dot) com or PM me here.

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