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    Feb 4, 2018
    Up for trade is a FGN EMJ5-AL-R Expert Series Mighty Jazz 5-String from the FujiGen in A+ condition (it is spotless other than a couple of tiny impressions in the clear coat that are extremely difficult for me to photograph), with a really nice OHSC. I adore this bass, but it is more than I can handle due to spinal damage/surgery.

    This should not to be confused with the Standard or Classic models from FujiGen, which are very nice instruments, but definitely not in the same league as this bass! The Expert models (which you can recognize from the off-set mother of pearl bar inlays) are much more expensive instruments and are very uncommon outside of Japan. New ones shipped from Japan seem to be going for $2,300-$2,800 right now.

    The build quality of the bass is exceptional, it sounds great and it feels wonderful (it’s got immaculately rounded and polished fret ends and softly rolled/burnished fretboard edges). It is as good as any production bass I have seen, and it is on par with many of the high dollar boutique basses out there. I would choose it over the Fender Custom Shop basses I have played.

    Here is a three-part video from Garth Fielding on this exact model if you want more info:




    Alder body
    Maple U-Shape Neck
    1.9” width at the nut
    20mm string spacing at the bridge
    Rosewood Fingerboard
    34" Scale
    22 Medium Jumbo Frets
    C.F.S./Circle Fretting System (see explanation below*)
    GOTOH GB-11W Tuners
    FGN FGBB-4 High-Mass Bridge w/19mm spacing
    FGN MJ-1n Neck Pickup
    FGN MJ-1b Bridge Pickup
    Fujigen Hard Case and Fret Protector
    10.2 lbs

    *The Circle Fretting System is VERY cool. The frets are almost imperceptibly curved (the fret ends curve away from the headstock) such that each string intersects all of the frets at exact right angles, which minimizes the contact surface and allows for improved pitch accuracy, intonation, sustain and harmonics.

    I am open to a wide variety of trades. Most interested in 5-strings and medium/short scale, but feel free to run anything you want by me. The worst that can happen is a polite “No, but thanks for the offer.” I can trade =/+/- cash as needed. I’m thinking of the trade value on my bass as $1k, but it really just depends on how excited I am about the bass that’s offered.

    If you want to propose a trade, please do it by sending me a PM. If you have a question or comment about the bass itself, feel free to post it in this thread.

    Thanks for looking!

    82DCB0C5-0055-4320-B4DD-3E302B9E185F.jpeg FB082940-51AF-48D8-B728-3F54DE344749.jpeg F941F563-2AFA-4B59-A044-0E38880170F0.jpeg 7EFD1A0C-8356-4C3D-BDE2-836F551FF6BF.jpeg 97A7650D-3CDD-4B64-B4A1-D0F1C9A07700.jpeg 53984354-A7FB-49F3-9049-0A42D953EB22.jpeg E9B4C875-FB78-49A9-B7F6-C141174162C0.jpeg F84E8D96-38CD-4E0C-9581-37D4BB401314.jpeg 2720863E-8474-4985-8AA6-F87D31AE616A.jpeg 2F6FBDA0-00FB-462A-B803-04746DFD881A.jpeg F46BA8D3-F6E5-4FBE-B353-732715F7E06F.jpeg BC3004F4-3324-4DDA-9C66-3FD28FE0A11D.jpeg A0FFE43F-3DE7-4836-B98B-1087CFBAE9C5.jpeg 619CE1FA-56BA-4473-835F-2A4A36B01069.jpeg D5B40CF8-03F3-4FAE-A90A-999191F2261D.jpeg 54CE89DA-5D93-4709-B5DC-144AC28FC6F5.jpeg 3769B814-4E67-44C5-98BE-6988A92CA3C2.jpeg EFD908DC-054D-456F-88BA-3F7296E2E60D.jpeg
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    Oct 10, 2004
    Great looking bass!
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    Dec 25, 2014
    Dunno what to type in here.
    I'm sending you a PM right now.
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    Trade with confidence here. Cutter8 is as honest and professional as it gets here on TB. GLWTS.
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