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full hand picking technique

Discussion in 'Technique [BG]' started by nate 0 jt, Jun 24, 2001.

  1. I am currently using all five fingers on my right hand to pick the strings. My problem is that i am very unorganized when i do this, meaning that there isnt any set pattern that i go in. I want to get my fingers to work in some sort of set pattern. Firstly Does anyone have any practice techniques to get my fingers to pluck the strings in a certain order? also, Does anyone have any good patterns for my fingers to go in? Is that clear, just ask if it isnt. Thanks a lot.

    Nate M
  2. I started something a while a go. I would practice scales using all my fingers like this: Pinky E, Next finger (dont know what its called) A, Index finger D, and middle finger G. My thumb of course used for slapping. I dont know if anyone else in the world does this but ive managed to learn how to play pretty fast and play well alternating strings.The whole reason I started doing this is so I can start working on polyryhtms (havent yet, need more practice). People criticize this because they say if you dont alternate fingers on one string you cant play things fast enough at times, but ive managed to get by quite fine.
  3. Well I play with my 4 fingers too (my thumb just for some arpeggios and slap) and here is my way, I wish it'd be useful for you:

    I always(almost always) use my fingers in order with index(1),middle(2), stupid :) (3) and pinky(4). Even though it was first very hard, I play triplets with my 4 fingers too as 123 412 341 234...
    My second incredible invention :) is when I'm going to one lower string I play with the finger which last picked in the higher string by carrying on the movement of my finger. (how hard to explain it with words as it'll take 5 seconds to show it) Ex: If I play with my ring finger on G string and passing a note on D string I play the next one with my ring finger too... OK if it's still not clear excuse me I can't do it better.
    On the other hand I know a guy who uses his 3 fingers but in the reverse fingering order of mine beginning with ring finger, then middle, then index...

    I was planning to prepare a video and make some money on it but here you got all my secret :D (OK just kidding for the last part)
  4. Dont worry, I caught it MR. M
  5. OK just don't go to make a video Spearhead OK? :D

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