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  1. Can anyone recommend any funk albums with skillful bassery? I'm just getting into this style,


    PS. What kind of repetetive strain injuries can I expect to encounter as a bass guitarist? Is there anything I can do to prevent them? Or should I start saving for private healthcare? :rolleyes:
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    On the first - just too many to mention - do a search on Funk as this has come up many times before and you will get huge lists.

    On RSI - well I have played bass for over 25 years and have never got it. But I have heard from a London physiotherapist that he has treated many pro bass guitar players for this - usually problems with your wrists.

    The thing is to have your wrists in a relaxed position and not to be straining all the time, if you want to avoid this.

    Correct technique taught by a teacher is the easiest way to avoid problems. It's not something you can do over the internet - you need to be standing in front of the person and looking at how they play. Just one face-to-face lesson with a good teacher could cure bad habits that will cause a lifetime of pain!!

    Of course many bass players in bands are self-taught and don't use good technique, so are liable to get RSI, once they start gigging regularly - and it's not just punk/rock/pop bass players - the physiotherapist told me about a Jazz/Funk player who he was treating for RSI.
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    Two Herbie Hancock albums spring to mind - "Head Hunters" (1973) and "Thrust" (1974). Paul Jackson is the bass player. Also Jamiroquai - "Return Of The Space Cowboy" (1994) and "Travelling Without Moving" (1996) - Stuart Zender played bass on those albums, he's a great funk bass player. You also might like to check out Jaco's first solo album, simply called "Jaco Pastorius" (1976). There's also a tune from Jaco's live album "Invitation" (1983) called "The Chicken" - a great example of funky bass playing.
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    The Pure Funk Vol. I & II compilation CDs are probably a good place to start.