Funny Science Teacher Remark

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  1. Petary791


    Feb 20, 2005
    Michigan, USA
    So I come into Science this morning (it's my 1st hour) and my teacher asks me how my weekend was. I say, "It was pretty sweet, I went to Cleveland to the House of Blues to see Victor Wooten" and he asked, "Who is he?" I replied, "Only the best bass player who ever lived" and he said, "You're a bass player?" I said yes with pride of course, and he says, "You bass players are so loyal."

    I thought that was pretty funny. :)
  2. Yeah that is cool. I've brought my bass into english class when i was in grade 12, and i'd be lat ebut if i had my bass my teacher wouldn;t mind cause he knew sometimes our jams would extend a little in the practise halls.The jams were another bassist, a drummer, sometimes a keyboardist and myself on another bass. man those were the days. Another funny story abiout school. I was in religion class and my teacher was trying to explain religious fundamentalist being a little crazy and he related it by sayying " They are like vegans, just crazy people" or soemthing along those lines. Unbenonced to him I'm vegan and then every one had a good laugh about me being an extremeist/fundamentalist.