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  1. hey guys, uhmm, pretty dumb question... but here goes:

    anybody know the main notes for the main melody for Fur Elise...

    if anybody out there that knows it, or plays the panio just type it in real fast it would be appretiated..

    ( and dont say look for the sheet music, i cant find it on the net, and im not gonna go buy a book ! )
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    Ok, here we go:
    (the capital letters are the lower octave)

    (A section)
    e d# e d# e b d c
    a CEa b Eg#b c
    E e d# e d# e bdc
    a CEa b Ecba

    (B section)

    bcde gfed fedc Edcb
    (lots of octave e's)
    E e d# e d# e d# e d#

    (repeat A section)

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