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  1. Hey I hope this is the right place to post this???

    Anyways I am considering ordering a furman power conditioner/tuner for a Christmas present for myself.

    What I am wondering is how well does it work with bass? I heard the low B is tough to pick up (I only have a 4 string though)

    I am also wondering this: you know how cheap tuners have a bass/guitar switch, this one doesn't have one so does that cause any problems since it is labelled as a "instrument tuner"? I know it has 7 octave range and all that but just wondering if it works very well with bass?

    Also (last question)

    You know how sometimes different tuner brands notes are a little off. For example if I tune on a furman tuner and the guitarist tunes on a korg tuner sometimes it is not consistant. And we could sound/be out of tune.

    Any help thanx
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    May 24, 2001
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    When I was playing a rack I took a hard look at the Furman because it would have saved me a rack space. The tuner worked ok. It struggled with my B a bit but would tune it up. It worked as well as the Sabine tuner that was using before.

    I never compared it to another tuner. All tuners should tune to 440. but I believe you when you say you have experienced some sloppy tolerances.

    The reason I didn't get it is because it was so small. Why have a rack tuner the size of a pocket tuner? I would have had to have walked up right beside the rack to tune. Which can be awkward at a gig. I would save my pennies and get a nice korg that you can use from 40 feet away. Get the footswitch so everyone in the house doesn't have to listen to you tune.
  3. you must be a sales person cause you just convinced me too go with a korg. thanx :)