Furman PQ4 Does anyone use one?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by great199, Nov 4, 2012.

  1. great199


    Oct 31, 2012
    I bought a Furman PQ4 quite a few years ago because Geddy had a PQ3. I have used it in my rig between my Sansamp RBI and my ADA 500B. I had recently disconnected it and realized I was losing a ton of head room. The other night I had a thought and plugged my 6 string straight into the PQ4 and out to power to speakers nothing else. Holy crap what a sound! I cannot believe how incredible the PQ4 sounds alone.

    So I should tell you why I was inspired to do this in the first place. I was watching Jeff Beck live with Vinnie and Tal Wilkenfeld on bass and was noticing her tone again and wondering if her EBS was solid state because it sounds like it. Knowing I cant afford an EBS I improvised. Now check out what that led to. I have been playing bass since 1989 and like every bass player have been through gear trying to find a great sound. I thought it was great before with just the RBI and my Geddy Lee Jazz, and my Ibanez BTB 6. I have now found my ultimate rig. I am writing like someone gives a crap by the way lol. I am plugging into the RBI and running the effected line from the RBI into channel B of my ADA out to the top half of my Mesa Boogie cab 1x10 2x6+horn. Making the RBI grind as much as possible cutting he lows a bit. Then I run the uneffected line out of the RBI (a handy little feature) to the PQ4 low in then out to channel A on the ADA to the lower half 1x15 of the Mesa. Now I have an amazing solid state tone that I can blend as much grind as needed just by turning up channel B.

    Tomorrow I am going to move my Hartke 4x10 xl out to the studio and run channel A to the Mesa and run the entire Mesa on just the solid state feed then send channel B to the Hartke. I cant wait to use this rig live. I have had this gear for a number of years so this new configuration has me a bit excited.:D So just wondering if anyone else uses a Furman in their rig and how they use it. Its funny I paid about 150 new now they are worth 450 to 500 used because of Dimebag Darrel lol. So many people talking about his rig and use of the furman. I could barely find any info of Geddy using one for years. I finally understand why Geddy used to have one. Just amazing!