Fury scorched refinish

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  1. 561473_444783332235670_819651763_n. hey guys,

    So I adopted this Peavey Fury for free and decided to make it my project bass.

    What this will hopefully end up as is my full time outlaw country dive bar bass. This will be my simple reliable bass I can grab and not worry about it getting dinged up or scratched at bars, like my other more expensive basses.

    It start with a dinged up black finish which I melted off with a butane torch and a metal scraper.

    I used the butane torch because I didn't really need to be careful about scorch marks in the end. It's all part of the look.

    After the strip and scorch I used a reddish/almost copper color stain and it's really turned out nicely with what I was looking for. The pictures do not bring out the detail of the grain and the red as it is in real life.

    I am now in process of applying some semi gloss poly coats for the finish.

    These pics are before the poly, The back is alittle closer to what it actually looks like color wise, but it's still not as "coppery".



    I just wanted to share what I'm doing and maybe get some feedback if anyone has anything to share.

    My plans for the hardware and such are still getting worked out. The neck is all maple with maple FB and is very glossy. With that In mind I'm also trying to figure out what pick guard color to choose. My step mother is a leather worker so i'm planning on getting a custom leather guard for this bass, but I can't think of what it should look like. I'm leaning twoards black....

    If you guys have any suggestions or comments please feel free. :D:D:bassist::bassist:
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    Mar 13, 2011
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    fury are great basses I agree with the black guard

    do you plan on sticking with the original pickup?
  3. I actually received the bass without any of the electronics, so I have to choose a new pup for it. Probably going fender, or the new aguilar P pup. Going for an old school country sound.
  4. Smilodon

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    Feb 18, 2012
    This one begs for black hardware and a dark brown leather pickguard with some burned pattern/borders. Or maybe some stitching.

    I'm thinking old saloon/western look would fit perfectly. Search for some pictures from the old west and see if you can find some inspiration. :)
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    Country? This bass is begging for a brand. :eyebrow:
  6. How did I not think of putting a brand on there. I'm gonna have to really get to work now. I'm not too good working with metal, but I bet I could figure something out.