Fuzz Effects going Direct to Board. Problem?

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  1. How well do bass fuzz effects reproduce at the soundboard when being sent via a direct injection? (DI)

    I'm experimenting with my Wren & Cuff Pickle Pie B fuzz at home direct through my DAW. It's ok. It's not horrible. But, on the tone control, there's a really fine line between ridiculous fizzy treble and complete mud.

    I know guitarists face this problem with distortion because their distortion effects are designed to work with the high frequency roll off of speakers. That's why they mic their speakers to get the full sound.

    How is bass fuzz typically handled? Most of the time, the bass is run direct to the board before the power amp / speaker stage.
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    Jun 30, 2012
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    It can work ok IF (and that's a HUGE IF) the sound guy knows what he's doing. I always tell sound guys that I used fuzz or distortion, and that the DI from my amp is going to be distorted. Some opt for a mic at that point, or use a DI box before my pedal board. One guy at a club that gets a lot of metal and heavy rock shows told me he likes DI with fuzz because "then you get all of that awesome bass fuzz through the PA". He knew to tame the high end and EQ everything so it sounded great out front. Most sound guys won't do that, though.
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    Jul 24, 2013
    Never had a problem with this... Mine sounds great on my home recording setup... The only gig I've played with a full pa recently the guy was a pro and used both a di and a mic and I'm not sure how he set it but we did get compliments on our tone
  4. This problem is one of the reasons I love my VT Bass - it tames that fizzy high-end and my distortion pedals tend to sound good even through the PA. It's not always a winner though - I find for example that my Swollen Pickle sounds a lot better without it, so you might have similar issues with the Pickle Pie!
  5. I realized, now, that part of my problem was how my Pickle Pie B was interacting with another pedal downstream. I tweaked some settings and it's more manageable now.

    Another thing I'm figuring out is a little fuzz goes a long way. Sometimes I don't pick up on these nuances when I'm playing. But that's why I like to record myself and evaluate the playback.

    I now have the blend on 50%/50% clean/fuzz and dial in the fuzz level until it matches bypass. Mix gets messy really fast with much more than that.