Fuzz + Envelope Filter = Big Volume Jump

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    I have a Xerograph Deluxe envelope filter that I use with an expression pedal. I like to use a fuzz pedal in front of it for an analog synth bass sound. I set up the output gain on each pedal to be at unity or slightly above. At performance volumes in a loud female-fronted rock band, the overall balance remains consistent when I use either pedal alone. When I combine pedals, the bass volume jumps significantly. This is especially true of the lower frequencies. This results in a wash of deep bass that drowns out the rest of the band, including the singer. I made some adjustments to fix to the issue. I lowered the resonance peak. I also play very softly when the vocalist sings. The down side of these approaches is that the effect is greatly reduced. Recently I added a compressor, a Maxon CP-9 Pro+, after the Xero with a high threshold and ratio. It is set to just come on when feed the deepest notes. I have not had the chance to use this in rehearsal yet, but in solo practice it seems to tame, and tighten-up, the lows very well. It became pretty clear to me that getting the lows under control is the key to making this work for me. I am happy with the solution. I would prefer to fix the problem at the source if possible. I have been thinking about making an eq change before the effects that gets enabled at the same time I engage the effects. (I have the effects on a switchable loop.) This could be either an eq pedal or a pickup change. I just need to make the change quickly and smoothly. I would like to hear how you addressed this type of problem. Thanks.
  2. I would try a high-pass filter. If that doesn't work, just sell me your Xero :D
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    thats one of the reasons why i sold my xero deluxe. the 2nd reason is that there is no way to control the timing of the envelop...

    i had an easier time with the mxr filter. it did not sound as cool as the xero deluxe, but well... i'd rather have a tamed pedal than an unpredictable/wild one
  4. try putting the envelope filter first then into the fuzz...the filter is reliant on dynamics so it should get a clean signal...putting a fuzz in front of it will change how it responds...if you're still getting volume spikes then add the compressor after both of those pedals..
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    Have you tried a Volume pedal?
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    Thanks for the feedback guys.

    I was using a Pink Elephant fuzz before the Xero. (This is an octave fuzz based on the Ampeg Scrambler.) It is a very wooly fuzz. I recently added a You're Doom to the board. This is a synthy gated fuzz. It seems to work better for this scenario. I am also adding a Saturnworks volume pedal post effects loops. This will be used for a master volume before hitting the amp. (So I don't have to walk away from the mic if I need to make a volume adjustment suddenly.) I am also on the look-out for a preamp/eq pedal that will help balance the overall level and tone of the dirt loop when switching between clean loop and dirt loop.
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    Interesting, I use an oxide in front of my xeroD .. also a gated fuzz!