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  1. has anyone ever tried out one of those little Smokey amps? you can get a mean distortion but the tone is a little thin, unless you plug it into a combo amp. i did this for the first time tonight, and realized that i need this sound in pedal form. it's great for re-creating radiohead's "the national anthem" and their live version of "packt like sardines in a crushd tin box."

    so, i don't want a tube-like overdrive or anything, my sansamp does that just fine. i want nasty and dirty distortion, no boutique crap.

    so, hast thou recommendations? on my list to try out so far:

    -proco rat
    -big muff
    -zvex wooly mammoth
  2. Boss ODB-3.. it can go from warm overdrive to ear-poinging mayhem...

  3. Ear Poinging Mayhem is right!

    Try something sweet like a Fulltone Bass Drive.
  4. the ODB-3 can pretty much only give you a fuzzy dirty sound but it does a damn good job at it. There really is no way to set a nice warm overdrive on it.
  5. Josh Ryan

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    Mar 24, 2001
    the big muff can give you a dirty sound, especially in lower ranges, but it can sound sweet when you play higher notes with the sustain up all the way. It's my choice anyway.

    edit: the NYC and Sovtek models sound VERY different IMO. I have the NYC.
  6. The Z-vex get's sick sounds (in a good way), but the Lovetone fuzz is truely cool.
  7. I'll stick by the Wooly Mammoth for nastiness.