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Fuzz pedal that retains the most low end without blending dry signal

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by anyonefortennis, Dec 2, 2018.

  1. anyonefortennis

    anyonefortennis Supporting Member

    Jun 28, 2005
    Lincoln, NE
    Searching for this has been harder that I thought.

    What fuzz pedals are good at retaining low end without having to blend in dry signal?
  2. 254 stringer

    254 stringer Supporting Member

    Apr 15, 2010
    Waco Texas
    Swollen Pickle. It’s almost too much low end for me.
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  3. Nev375


    Nov 2, 2010
    Wooly Mammoth / Mastotron type gated fuzzes are deep if you like that over-the-top almost synthlike fuzz
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  4. anyonefortennis

    anyonefortennis Supporting Member

    Jun 28, 2005
    Lincoln, NE
    How's the low end retention on brassmaster clones?
  5. bigtone23


    Dec 10, 2014
    Denver, CO
    Swollen Pickle for sure. Take an already bassy Big Muff and add bass...
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  6. cataract

    cataract Supporting Member

    Feb 14, 2007
    Richmond, VA
    Haven’t messed with many exclusively labeled as such “fuzz” pedals but the Malekko Diabolik I once owned was truly great. Excellent low retention & beyond gnarly.
  7. Totally agree. The low end on the Swollen Pickle is huge. I am sure there are many other options out there, though, so it comes to what kind of flavour the OP is looking for. As they said, the SW is a modified Big Muff, and even though it is VERY tweakable, it's always going to be big muff-y.
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  8. Driven Crane

    Driven Crane

    May 30, 2014
    Darkglass Duality
  9. cnltb


    May 28, 2005
    I tend to repeat myself...four eyes retains as much low end as you tell it to. :)
  10. Mosfed


    Apr 21, 2013
    Chamonix Mont-Blanc
    Partner - CCP Pedals
    I find bubble font muffs retain a ton of low end - they are quite scooped but man that low end is crushing

    I agree on the Woolly Mammoth / Mastotron category and the Fuzz Against the Machine is a good example of this type of fuzz. Crushing low end.
  11. DDXdesign

    DDXdesign formerly 'jammadave' Supporting Member

    Oct 15, 2003
    Wash DC metro area
    While I adore its sound, the B:Assmaster doesn't do the super deep lows, even with its "dry" volume knob (so it does have a blend of sorts anyhow) - the dry is just a little bit altered and takes on a low-mid focus, to my untrained ear at least.

    No experience with other brass circuits, though.
  12. gregmon79

    gregmon79 I did it for the muff... Supporting Member

    Dec 20, 2012
    Chicago IL
    It rules. There is a clean blend so you mix how ever much you want of clean and fuzz. Both controls have their own volumes. Love that pedal.

    Aside from that one, the DOD Carcosa is a winner for me. Great low end in Dehme mode. The newer EXH Green Russian reissue also has really good low end.
  13. I was just about to post this... I sold my Mastotron but recently got a FATM and love it. Both have huge bass.
    The Mountainking stuff also sounds absolutely massive, if you want to get reeeally heavy.
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  14. Mosfed


    Apr 21, 2013
    Chamonix Mont-Blanc
    Partner - CCP Pedals
    The Mountainking stuff is amazing. No need for a blend for sure.
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  15. City

    City Supporting Member

    I have had luck with the Southhampton Fifth Gear. I have active Aguilar electronics with SD soapbars. Can't speak to how it might treat, let's say, a Jazz Bass. I dial just a bit of fuzz in as well.
  16. zapped777


    Jul 6, 2011
    Pickle it sounds way huge
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  17. bonin in the boneyard

    bonin in the boneyard Supporting Member

    I'm gonna go out on a limb here. It's not technically a "fuzz" and you can barely call it a pedal, but here you go:

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  18. BurtMacklinFBI

    BurtMacklinFBI Supporting Member

    Apr 3, 2018
    If you’d consider it a fuzz, Idiotbox Landphil for sure. It takes some time and experimentation to get it sounding good but it’s so worth it. Massive lows without making the highs and mids murky.
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  19. CRich0205


    Feb 17, 2013
    I would check out a DOD carcosa. I just oicked one up and it’s pretry awesome. Definitely has low end on one of the toggle
    Settings. Based on an FZ1 I believe so now muff based but still but I’ve really been digging mine
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  20. Lammchop93

    Lammchop93 Supporting Member

    Feb 4, 2007
    Louisville, KY
    Black Arts Toneworks Pharaoh, or Pharaoh Supreme. I have both, and actually have to turn the tone up because it has so much low end.

    The Revelation Superbass has a lot of low end as well, but not as much tweakability as the Pharaoh pedals.

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