No longer available Fuzzlord FET120 Green / Orange amp OD in a box

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    Perfect condition w/ original box and no velcro, price includes shipping, CONUS ONLY

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    Fuzzlord Effects FET120 Overdrive

    Vintage amp overdrive tones based off of the classic 70s OR series amplifiers. This pedal utilizes FET based op amps to emulate the sound of the famous tube preamps in a compact pedalboard format. Voiced to work well for down-tuned guitars and bass covering clean boosted tones as well as huge saturated fuzz tones.

    The FET120 can be used as an overdrive pedal to drive your amp and other pedals, or you can run it as a preamp style pedal into the FX return of an amplifier to get your amp voiced for doom. Between the powerful Active Baxandall tone stack and the wide gain range the FET120 is a versatile tool on any pedalboard.

    The Bass/Treble tone stack gives you complete control over your sound. The Active Baxandall stack can boost/cut 20dB and are very powerful for guitar or bass players when dialing in their live sound. Tons of output volume available to boost the front end of your amplifier or your amps FX return to make the FET120 take the place of your amplifers preamp section.


    Volume: Adjust the overall output level of the pedal. Plenty of output available to push your amp further into overdrive

    Bass: Active Baxandall circuit provides +/-20dB boost or cut

    Treble: Active Baxandall circuit provides +/-20dB boost or cut

    Gain: Adjust the amount of internal gain/overdrive


    Power: Use only a 9v center negative 2.1mm power supply. We recommend using an isolated power supply to avoid noise issues.

    Dimensions: 120 x 94 x 42.5 mm

    Switching: True bypass soft switching

    Current Draw: 45mA

    Artwork from Steven Yoyada


    Use of an isolated 9-volt, center negative (-) DC power supply is recommended for optimal performance. Power supply not included.
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    Can it do clean or close to?
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    yes, does an EQ'd clean boost w/ the gain turned down
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