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    For sale is a Fuzzrocious Afterlife V2 reverb (SN: 401) made in New Jersey. Fuzzrocious, of course, produces outstanding pedals that especially shine on the bass guitar. If you are looking for a reverb pedal with simple controls and the ability to go from subtle repeats to cavernous ambience then this is the pedal for you. It’s not one those reverbs that gives you endless choices and I like that it: there is enough flexibility to keep me creative, but not so much I feel overwhelmed. Plus the sugar skull art on this pedal looks amazing on your pedalboard.


    The left knob controls the wet/dry mix and the right controls the amount of repeats. The left footswitch sends the pedal into self-oscillation so you can add in that shimmering texture when musically appropriate (or not haha); the right footswitch activates the pedal itself. It requires 9vDC and draws less than 75mA. The pedal is in excellent condition: other than some chipped paint on the odd corner it is like new.

    $159 shipped.

    I couldn’t find a review of the Afterlife V2, but here is one of its big brother in The Tone Report.

    You can hear demos in these videos:

    Official Description

    AFTERLIFE is our reverb pedal that does more and looks more fun than you’re plain old reverb pedal. Sprung from a conversation with Young Widows, they sparked the idea for a reverb that is lush with a controllable in reverb decay. The repeats can be set for short decay all the way up through full, shimmery oscillation.

    • Smaller enclosure (125b)
    • Simplified control set (Mix and Repeats pots, left footswitch sends the signal directly to oscillation)
    DSC_0726.JPG DSC_0727.JPG DSC_0728.JPG DSC_0729.JPG DSC_0730.JPG IMG_20200724_150831.jpg IMG_20200726_155543.jpg
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