SOLD Fuzzrocious Baby Furnace gated fuzz

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    Excellent to near mint condition with no velcro and original box included.

    20210113_081616.jpg 20210113_081630.jpg 20210113_081636.jpg 20210113_081649.jpg

    BABY FURNACE is the mini version touting just the ripping, gated fuzz section of our BLAST FURNACE. The right footswitch turns the pedal on/off. The left footswitch allows the user to switch between whether Volume 1 or Volume 2 is active. When Volume 1 is active, the fuzz signal is wide open with a full frequency blast. When Volume 2 is active, the Tone pot is now active, allowing one to change the tone sweep of the fuzz. The Tone pot moves from angry wasps in an Orange Crush can through drug rug over the cab doom with many, many sweet spots in between. We’ve added a Blend pot so you can add in your clean (dry) signal from your instrument and/or any pedals you place before Baby Furnace (ex – blending an overdrive into the Baby Furnace signal).

    Price includes USPS Priority CONUS shipping ONLY, no international sales and / or shipping outside the CONUS.

    PayPal: edbocchino (AT) gmail (DOT) com or Venmo: (AT) edbocchino payment accepted.


    DM w/ questions

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    You should post this in the Fuzzrocious FB Group
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    Thanks, shut my FB account off about a year ago.
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