SOLD Fuzzrocious BDPG

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    Jan 24, 2012
    You know it, you love it. The Fuzzrocious BDPG Preamp/OD pedal. This is #18 made with the traditional artwork, fully functional, clean and in great shape. The BDPG is legendary on this board as an always on pedal to enhance your tone. The Magic so to speak is what this will do with other pedals in front driving the tone. I'd always been interested in the BDPG, and jumped on this when it came for sale, however after playing with it, it doesn't work with the tone goals I have.

    Asking $150 shipped in the CONUS.

    I could be talked into a trade for the right pedal. With a Grizzly and a TFR, I should be good on dirt, but I might be interested in a nice Delay or some kind of modulation. BDPG1.JPG BDPG2.JPG
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    One of my favorite all-time pedals
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