SOLD Fuzzrocious Grey Stache Plus #11

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    Feb 7, 2011
    I'm reorganizing my pedalboard, and realizing I don't use this guy nearly enough to justify the amount of space that it is taking up on my board. It's everything you love from the Grey Stache, and more! Features additional boost and gate footswitches, as well as the brightest LED known to man (trust me on this one). This one comes complete with an oscillation and diode toggle. In good cosmetic condition, with velcro on the bottom.

    Cash is king, but feel free to shoot me a trade offer. I am particularly interested in things that say Earthquaker, Fuzzrocious, Iron Ether, or 3Leaf on them. If you have an IE Cygnet to trade, I will also give you naming rights to my first born child.

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