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    May 21, 2001
    I thought about getting some kind of effect - just for fun. Unfortunately I don't know anything about effects, I don't even know what that "FX loop" on my amp is. Could you give me an overview about the most common effects-stuff you can use with a bass and explain all those terms to me, or maybe tell me a good page about that kind of stuff?

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    Mar 13, 2001
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    The Rules of Effects:
    1. Go to a store and try everything you see
    2. Never jump on first impulse
    3. Stay far away from Multi-Effect units
    4. You normally will get what you pay for so dont be cheap
    5. If you dont know what you will use the effect for you dont need it
    6. You should be able to play well without any effects before using effects
    7. Mention the ODB-3 or a vague distortion question on the board and you are likely to be shot (im not saying the ODB-3 is bad, i have one and use it often)
    8. The Search feature is your friend. Dont be afraid of him
    9. Do not ask if a chorus pedal is used during the chorus (sorry to whoever said that before)
    10. Effects are not neccassery.
    11. Go for used if you can
    12. Guitar Center can always be talked down a good deal of money... atleast 10%

    everyone feel free to add to this
  3. hmm

    13) Don't be afraid to experiment
    14) The most expensive effect is not by definition the best effect.
    15) The effect should not overrule your bass-sound.. it is an addition, not a substitute.

    For beginners.. you might want to check out either one of these :

    <li> Overdrive<br>
    <ul>this type of effect makes your bass sound a little " raw ", if you add just a pinch of overdrive your bass will sound tougher. </ul></li>
    <li> Chorus<br>
    <ul>This effect is very simple.. it makes your bass sound like there are 5 basses playing the same tune at the same time. if you do a real low-chorus, you get a flanger-like effect ( really cool )<ul></li>
  4. ImNotGeddyLee

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    Mar 13, 2001
    Providence RI
    14) The most expensive effect is not by definition the best effect.

    true but a cheap dod overdrive is not going to be up to par with a fulltone bass drive but of course there are always exceptions to every rule
  5. I agree with AllodloX, experimenting is good.

    1.)Envelope filters have to be the coolest things ever made.
    2.)Compressors are very useful.
    3.)Distortion and Overdrive are very cool to experiment around with I usually just use it for mild boost.
    4.)Never let effects dominate your playing, always play as if it were clean.
    5.)Chorus is a very good effect to add to your setup especially if it has a flange built in.
    6.)Try not to buy cheapo effects.
  6. Here's a link that explains what different effects do for just about every effect you can find.http://www.angelfire.com/wi2/hangwire/usefulpedalinformation/

    As an effects newbie, a multi-effects unit is often one of your first effects purchases. Yes, single units, each one dedicated to a single effect are usually better, but the cost adds up very fast.

    Personally, I like chorus a lot. It makes your high end sound very lush, like 20 basses are playing what you're playing at the same time.

    When you buy, try to buy something you can get a lot of use out of. For example, bass fuzzes sound very cool, but after two songs using it, it sounds very tired and becomes a gimmick.