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  1. Is there a resource out there in cyber-land for modifying your existing fx boxes? I saw something once not only about installing true bypass switches but also adding "presets" to analog boxes. They did this by installing mini pot's that you could notch through differing "presets" of by twisting a knob. Another idea was adding a CV pedal to any effect....say to control a sensitivity knob on an EV filter or something. Any other fun ideas to modify stompboxes would be great to read about. Somebody know of anything close to this?
  2. Thanks Paul A but those are just links to schematics for building your own boxes.....I'm hoping to find something that can help me to modify existing pedals. Changing caps to alter bass response....adding variables to make your effects more versatile...etc.
  3. Actually that geofex had one or two.....the link to the add expression pedal to any effect is unfortunetly dead. Too bad...
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    Jul 28, 2001
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    I know what you are talking about, the notching pots thing. It seemed like a more complicated way of marking your settings with a marker. I know I've seen it somewhere, I'll have to look around. I know I've seen the CV pedal one also. As far as the other stuff, I would say go and buy some real books. Craig Anderton has a couple of good books, and even if you don't build the projects in them, you can still use the information found in them about converting some of the projects for bass use.
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    Well yes www.muzique.com the site that was given has schems for some popular effects. Ya see by having the schematic you can modify values and it shows the gain stages etc.

    You can't just open an effect up and start changing things because you need the schematic to tell you what is what etc.

    so to the forums www.firebottle.com/ampage/
    is great people ask all kinds of questions about mainstream amps and effects electronics.

  6. Thanks guys. I'm fairly sure it was a Craig Anderton article I read in G****r player magazine that talked about the preset thing. I guess I should buy his book. Would be nice to find it online tho'....
  7. I think if the bypass on my old Korg AX1B multi-effects pedal could have been modified it would have been a pretty cool. Oh well it's long gone now.