FYI - Issue with 1st production run Bart b-axis jazz pickups and solution

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  1. Pete Greaves

    Pete Greaves

    May 1, 2014
    Bought a B-axis jazz off Reverb, installed it and the two low string were almost dead and distorted. Contacted Bartolini (who were very responsive) and got the following solution to try:

    "On the first production run, there were cases where one of the internal contacts was exposed, and if it touches the shield braid, it will kill the bass half of the pickup. Maybe get him to check under the braid to see if there is an exposed brass nub. If so, put some tape over it. That may fix the issue."

    Tried that and it worked, if anyone runs into this. I have attached the picture Bartolini sent me and a close of the pickup. Not too crazy that I have to attach black tape to make a brand new pickup work, but they were very quick, so FYI.




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