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G.A.S. Causes debt...Im In Love!!!

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by XPshychoticXPyr, Dec 21, 2004.

  1. As yall ahve sen in my forsale posts i have been in debt for various reasons but two alrge ones are for bass purchases!!!

    I got 2 basses that i have dreamed about since i started playing:

    Warwick Streamer Stage I
    1988 Exellent Condition
    1000$ Shipped
    W/Hardshell+Softshell Warwick Cases+Free set of strings and set up.

    Warwick Streamer Stage II
    1991 Exellent Condition
    1340$ Shipped
    W/Gatorskin hardshell case+free drop D tuner

    Tell me of some basses bought that may or amy have not put you into debt but were worth every penny to you. Did i get a good deal did you? Lets here stories!!!


    P.S. The only bass i G.A.S. for is a vintage Fender J-Bass
  2. This happened to me some two years ago.

    I went to Rome, Italy to play at one of the celebrations orgainised for the expansion of the European Union. I went there on Wednesday and was meant to come back to Malta on Sunday. I asked my girlfriend to join me to make a romantic break out of it but she couldn't join me on Wednesday but she said she could fly on the Thursday and join me. She was meant to fly over, then take a train and meet me in Rome so I agreed to go meet her there.

    I had promised myself I would not purchase any instruments abroad because I did not have money to spend. Anyway, come THursday and I decided to walk the one hour walk to the train station to meet her and take in the sights on the way. Bad mistake.

    On the way I noticed a music shop. I was early so I went in to browse. Lots of new, shiny expensive instruments so it was pleasant to just see the spectors, warwicks and fenders which I knew I'd not buy (too expensive). Then suddenly I come across a used section. Lots of beat up basses......then......a familiar headstock........yamaha.......its a TRB......its a TRB6.......no wait.....its a TRB-6P, the pattituci model, its a neck through, and in great condition. How much........JUST 450 EUROS..........aaaaaaaaaarrrrggghhh.....GASSSsssssss.

    I didn't have the money. Sob. No credit cards. But hey, hold on. My girlfriend is coming on the train.....with a VISA.

    I go to the train station. I meet her, give her a hug then go..."you know honey, there is this bass, ehm....I have no money....ehm.....".

    Anyway, she agreed to lend me the money. The problem was that with her card she could only withdraw 200 Euros every day from an ATM machine. And I needed all of it. I withdrew 200 Euros on the Thursday, another 200 Euros on Friday. Borrowed 50 Euros from the sound engineer and bought it on Saterday morning. My girlfriend could not even buy herself a single t-shirt cause I took all her money to buy the bass.

    I paid her back as soon as we got back home but I think I should really marry her. :eek:
  3. Timbo


    Jun 14, 2004
    Psh.. Any woman that'd pick a bass for me over clothes for her is a keeper..