SOLD G. Gould GGI4 Custom Series (PRICE DROP)

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    Up for sale or trade is a really amazing 2020 G. Gould GGi4 Custom Series with a Rainbow Trout finish.

    • Rainbow Trout Finish
    • Lightweight Swamp Ash body
    • Figured Maple Top
    • High-gloss polyurethane finish
    • Carbon Fiber Composite neck
    • Phenolic fretboard w/plastic dots
    • 24 frets
    • 34” scale
    • EMG X active pickups/electronics package
    • EMG-35PX (neck)
    • EMG-35CSX (bridge)
    • EMG-BTS EQ
    • Gotoh Res-O-Lite tuners
    • Black hardware
    • Aluminum bridge
    • 8.8 lbs.
    • Serial No. 1338
    • 18V quick change battery compartment
    • Dunlop dual-purpose StrapLok buttons

    The bass is in very good condition with a nice straight neck, low action, and spot on intonation. The EMG electronics paired with the graphite neck and swamp ash body give this one a punchy and versatile P Bass tone.

    There is a small ding/blemish in the finish on the side of the body that looks as though the previous owner attempted to seal with a small amount of clear coat. There is also some very minor finish scratching on the body, as well as extremely minor (if any) scratching on the back of the neck.

    Also, the neck pocket is not as tight as it could be, and there is a small gap on the bass side of the neck pocket that's about the width of a paper business card. The other side of the neck pocket and the back of the neck pocket are nice and tight. Geoff Gould has addressed this recently stating that they leave room in the neck pocket to allow the wood body to expand and contract with temperature and humidity change. The graphite neck does not move with the changes in climate, so this was designed to reduce cracking in the neck pocket finish. I'm including this in the listing out of full disclosure, but I don't believe this affects the bass at all. The neck feels rock solid connection wise, and the sustain and overall tone on this one are incredible. I'll include a few pictures.

    Gator Pro Soft Case Included

    Now asking $2000 Shipped fully insured to CON US.

    Trade Value - $2250

    Open to trades for 4 or 5 string basses 34" Scale or shorter.

    Might be interested in amps and/or cabs. I'm interested in brands like Aguilar, Mesa, and Trickfish.

    Let me know if you have any questions

    D49F6317-0EB8-45AA-BFC0-F9940CBF2412.jpeg IMG_3779.jpg C1A8C385-AC12-42F1-A596-198855746E35.jpeg 52579C95-1EC8-4246-B417-3DBA7852F7AD.jpeg F03DBD73-8075-47EF-AFBF-945C70E6CBBD.jpeg 0C62B1A9-963B-4444-BCB6-2FE26B36EC9A.jpeg 41BD8D2F-ABEC-4CA7-8DCA-078D16E8849F.jpeg 9D966AA0-6C7B-4341-B770-4415186DB1E3.jpeg 6C3684BC-3986-4AF1-AFC8-ECCB32E2CB43.jpeg F27B77A8-B848-4D36-A617-F7ABA892D640.jpeg B02DB48F-9B5C-4ED8-88B3-3848F8565BAC.jpeg FEA6A6B1-7A3E-4CE3-B4D8-F83DCE1FAD6B.jpeg 7D482D47-8B39-4DFB-B108-86D6E5DA579D.jpeg 6F36A839-20E2-44D3-811A-7CD43E8F3892.jpeg
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    PM sent.
  3. VTbassplayer

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    I can’t stop thinking about this beauty. Always wanted one in specifically that finish.. but alas the coffers are empty right now. Someone else please buy it and put me out of my misery!
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