SOLD G. Gould GGi4 Deluxe "Bee's Wing" (w/ Mono bag)

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    Hey all,

    I'm looking to sell this fantastic G. Gould GGi4, with a very cool and unique "bee's wing" figured maple top. It has served me very well- sounds fantastic, is incredibly easy to play, and is very comfortable to wear even for extended periods. For those who don't know, Geoff Gould started Modulus and makes these basses under his own name. I prefer this to the Quantums I've played, for what it's worth (better neck shape and ergonomics).

    Figured maple "bee's wing" top over alder. Graphite neck, Phenolic fingerboard. Weight is right around 8 lbs. Recently upgraded with a Hipshot B-style bridge, and has a fresh setup from my tech (best in Boston). 34" scale. Has a truss rod. Hipshot tuners. EMG X pickups (EMG-35CSX - bridge, EMG 35PX - neck) and preamp (Volume/Pickup Blend/Bass/Treble).

    It's in excellent shape, very light scuffing/scratching from use. Electronics are 100% functional, no issues.

    * Comes w/Mono M80 gig bag.

    * I can only sell/ship to the continental US (lower 48 states), no exceptions.

    * Guitar will be professionally packaged and shipped insured.

    * I'm in the Upstate NY/Capital District area, and would be happy to discuss a discount for local pick up.

    * I have 100% positive feedback here, on Reverb, on Ebay, on Rig-Talk, on The Gear Page, etc.

    * Please feel free to ask any questions, I’ll be happy to answer them.

    * Looking for $1500 shipped/Paypal’d.

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    Sep 25, 2007
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    Those pic links don't work for me. Is that an issue on my end?
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    They don’t work for me either.
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    likewise , I'm sure
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    Pictures no work for me either.
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    Pics fixed!


    Thanks for the heads up, gents.
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    Sir if it was a 6 string I'd bee all over that!!!!
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    That is the bees knees right there.
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