G&L 1500

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Fingerman, Mar 20, 2003.

  1. Please fill me in on G&L 1500 there is a nice 97 model available any good how much like a Ray thanks
  2. sdguyman


    Jan 31, 2003
    San Diego
    I just bought the L-2500. I also have a StingRay 4 in natural. I would like to say that they are similar in feel, and would say that you have more options at tone with the L-1500. The StingRay is more popular so if you want people to look at you and comment on your guitar than get the Ray. If you want a guitar that is more versitile than the Ray get the 1500. Both are exeptional guitars!!!! The 1500 has an active/passive switich that I just love because you can opt for the vintage Fender sound pluse there is a switch to change from series/parallel, you dont have that option on the Ray.
    My 0.02