SOLD G&L ASAT Bass ---Rare Red Swirl 9.4lbs

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    This is a great bass with an amazing, fast neck. It's a G&L USA ASAT with a custom swirl finish. It has a 3 bolt neck and brand new tuners and a brand new G&L jack. If you know G&Ls, then you know the swirl models often have a bunch of bubbling, but this doesn't. The pic of the serial number shows what the finish looks like. It is hard to capture in a picture. It is gorgeous and the neck has a deep rich grained rosewood. There are a couple of tiny dings, but otherwise, it is in great shape. Electronics are excellent and extremely versatile (identical to the L2000 if you aren't familiar with the ASAT).$1000 shipped with a hard case. Might trade it for a nice Larrivee acoustic guitar. 9.4 lbs
    C5C063D4-CF79-4D31-8DEB-5CE95C301A9B.jpeg D43D1815-4038-4DD8-A861-4B6AFC6CE636.jpeg CADDF7FF-FCBC-4CDE-964F-E4330D2E4D77.jpeg 2EF61F10-CBC9-42A3-8A58-E65D27243CF1.jpeg 2D46EDCB-F9FF-47BE-BA0C-7E8CAB5BE099.jpeg 5C245C5E-565F-4D79-B0C5-C7CE24D26743.jpeg 14C3A7D1-4B72-4045-BC03-72566CEB3FA8.jpeg DCB0EC68-D5CF-4758-BF2B-60831EB0F7E8.jpeg E2278EF6-4524-41E3-91F7-1F60BD948251.jpeg 93F1EFD7-E6C7-4B08-B22F-A6A4407DE50C.jpeg C5C063D4-CF79-4D31-8DEB-5CE95C301A9B.jpeg

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    ... beautiful .
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    sweet...I've heard this finish also called 'bowling ball', which is very cool...gorgeous. GLWTS
  4. Do you want to lay out the deal and PayPal here?
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    Sale Pending