SOLD G&L ASAT Semi Hollow

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    Excellent condition, 6 bolt, Made in USA ASAT semi hollow. Lightweight. Beefy quartersawn maple neck. Tone! I believe the color is US Blonde. Its a transparent finish. Body has binding on front (I think its a natural masked binding).

    I'm reducing my collection - haven't been in a band for nearly 7 years and this bass has been sitting in its case most of that entire time. Time for someone else to enjoy her!

    Comes with the G&L G&G hardshell case. Bass is in excellent condition. Might need a setup and new strings - I actually need to dig it out from the closet as I haven't even seen it in a year myself!

    Will post better pics later. Feel free to ask questions.

    $1,100 plus actual shipping costs. If you are local to the Los Angeles area, you can pick it up in person and I'll give a lower price as it saves me from boxing it up and shipping it.

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  3. Very nice.....I'm really interested in this Bass.
  4. I usually use FedEx, so you can find bass shipping box dimensions online and then use to calculate shipping from 91360. Unless you have a business account with better rates that you want me to use.
  5. Thanks.....I'll look into that.