SOLD G&L Custom Order Fretless M2000

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    Despite best laid plans, this instrument is back available. Post-Thanksgiving sale, now $1,500 shipped CONUS, PayPal.

    Lovely custom-ordered M-2000 that I picked up here in trade: TRADED - PRICE DROP! $1,500 G&L Custom Shop Fretless M2000 It's a custom, one-of-a-kind build, spec'd and ordered before there was an actual custom shop, and cost $2,800 to order in 2016.

    34" scale, 1.5" nut, and no more than 8.8lbs (bathroom scale gives me a few different measurements, but that's the highest one).

    The bass balances and plays like a dream, and sounds and looks amazing. The pics are accurate for color and presentation. Comes with original hard case, certificate of authenticity, and spec sheet, and I can include a new-ish Levy's black padded strap on request.


    The bass is exactly as Barry describes in his ad, and is a real joy to play with great tones, a smooth neck, and very nice balance. The LaBella tapewounds really make it sing. See his ad for pics and the spec sheet for build details; more info/pics available on request, if and as desired.

    The bass hasn't been out of the house since I got it.

    Price includes shipping via FedEx, signature required.
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  2. the slug

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    May 21, 2014
    I was the original owner who had this bass built. Great bass. someone will be very happy with it. GLWTS
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  3. Thank you, and I believe you are absolutely correct. This is my first G&L and the tone, feel, and balance of the instrument is really incredible. So much so that, if I could only keep one bass (instead of the three I'm holding back to travel with us) and this was fretted, there would be no question. As a matter of fact, I have been researching how to have a fretted neck built without giving up the fretless neck ..
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  4. On hold while I look into this neck ordering thing...
  5. November 23, 2019: Back on the block! Looking at options for a very particular travel bass.
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    I'd almost consider a neck swap for you (see my M2000 in my signature) since I want a fretless.
    But I don't like 1.5" necks and also I'd much prefer lined fretless so it probably isn't worth cannibalizing both basses :(
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  7. I think you're probably right! I prefer 1.5" necks, so a standard P neck wouldn't work for me, either. Bummer! Because that might have changed my plans.
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    Dec 19, 2004
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    Oh well!
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