SOLD G&L Extravaganza - JB (sold), Kiloton, SB-1 (sold).

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    My G&L addiction has manifested into what is seen below, it may be a sign that I have a problem when there are too many to fit against the photo wall in single file. I'm primarily a 17.5 mm / 34" / fiver lad at heart and these three have been sitting quietly for too long, time to move them along and give them a real life. All three are 2017 USA G&L's in prime shape, the only evidence of play may be some light pickguard swirling. All three include the tolex OHSC, all three are as cool as Sinatra.

    ***The JB and the SB-1 are gone, the Kiloton is still available***

    JB ~ 3TSB over alder, 1 1/2 nut width x 9 1/2 radius medium C, light tint satin neck with a rosewood board. Vintage alnico singles, passive V/V/T, 8.5 pounds.

    Kiloton ~ Natural over ash, 1 1/2 nut width x 9 1/2 radius medium C, natural satin neck with a rosewood board. MFD humbucker, passive V/T with series/split/parallel switching, 8.5 pounds.

    SB-1 ~ Belair Green over alder, 1 5/8 nut width x 9 1/2 radius medium C, natural satin neck with a maple board. MFD P-style, passive V/T, 8.5 pounds.

    $850 shipped and insured CONUS for any one of the three, not interested in any trades as it is hopefully evident that I'm really well set on gear at the moment.

    Incases.jpg GLgroup.jpg JB body.jpg JB front.jpg JB rear.jpg Kilo body.jpg Kilo front.jpg Kilo rear.jpg SB1 body.jpg SB1 front.jpg SB1 rear.jpg
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    These are amazing! Is the fretless SB-2 for sale as well?
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    That is a serious collection! How does the low B on the JB5 compare to the low B on the L2500?
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    I speak from experience, these bass are like new condition and are worth every penny. You won't be disappointed.
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  7. That Kilo is a nice piece of ash.
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    Kiloton still available? Sent you a PM...