SOLD G&L JB-2 USA bass, CAR metallic, dead stock. Shipping Available, Case Included

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    Feb 14, 2010
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    Continuing my sell-off of 34" basses, I offer this late made in the USA (CLF21799) Candy Apple Red metallic JB-2. There was neck work previous owner had done due to owner, who over tightened the truss rod, left a split in the bi-cut neck. Not a crack but a separation as happened with these. The truss rod nut was replaced and the fissure was filled in and lightly sanded by my tech Harold Renner. Action is brought in line and it nails the jazz bass tone better than any other I have owned. 1½" nut width and a slim fast neck. Check photos for condition, light scratches in the clear coat, no gouges or chips. Comes in a polyfoam case to protect it or a generic hard case depending on if my Fender Rascal bass sells first, should shipping be needed.
    Price is only $700 local to the Mid-Atlantic area (willing to meet halfway within reason) and insured shipping will be $50 CONUS. The last few basses I have shipped recently have been over $100 so I am basically splitting the shipping costs and even shipped, half the price of new with that vintage vibe. No international shipping so please don't ask. Allman Brothers sticker is free.
    I accept PayPal and Venmo.
    Please feel free to ask any and all questions.

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    Nice bass! I loved my old JB-2. FYI, I just used to UPS a bass from SC to KY for $38, insured. Shipped one to CA for $98, insured. And UPS will pick it up from your house for an extra $4. Makes shipping a lot cheaper and easier. Thought i would pass on the tip. GLWTS
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    Sick price for a USA Leo! This will go quickly!
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    Sep 20, 2011