SOLD G&L L-1000 and MusicMan Stingray

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    Shipping is included in the 48 states only. Please PM me if you have questions or want more pictures.

    The ONLY trades I'm interested in:

    -MusicMan Sterling HH 4 - Neptune Blue PDN or Honey Roasted PDN limited runs (mahogany body), or a Stealth with ebony fingerboard, must be under 9 lbs, prefer under 8.5 lbs.

    -Mike Lull P4 with Jazz neck, deeper body contours, rosewood or ebony fingerboard, 8.0 lbs or less

    -Mike Lull 54P 4 string with Jazz neck, rosewood board, Fiesta Red body finish, serial #986

    -G&L L2000 with #6 (1.5" wide) 3 bolt neck, rosewood or ebony board only, from 1995-1998

    First is a G&L L-1000 built in 2017. These new ones are fairly rare and very nice - all the tone of the old L-1000 in a new package. The body is alder with a beautiful 3 tone sunburst and the neck is maple with an Indian rosewood fingerboard, due to the fingerboard and CITES I can only sell this within the USA. The neck is the optional 1.5" (Jazz width) wide at the nut with a 9.5" fingerboard radius - very comfortable and easy to play. The control knobs are volume, treble cut, and bass cut, in that order from the neck to the bridge. The switch is parallel towards the neck, single coil in the middle, and bass boost series towards the bridge. Weight is light at 8. 4 lbs and it comes in the clean original tolex hardcase with the build sheet and other case candy. The condition is super clean, it hasn't been played a lot.

    Price is $975 shipped SOLD


    Second is a really nice MusicMan Stingray from 1985, this is my favorite era with the mute bridge and headstock truss rod adjust. The condition is functionally great but the body finish has plenty of checking like many from this era - the whole body finish is checked all over. None has flaked off like sometime happens so the finish seems stable. There's also some obvious damage, some down into the body wood around the edges and one shallow chip in the finish in the middle of the back of the body, see the pics for more details. The wear is all what I'd consider normal from playing. The body is ash with a clear gloss finish and the neck has a clear gloss finish as well. The fingerboard is rosewood so I can't ship outside the USA. The preamp is the famous 2 band EQ, control knobs in order from neck to bridge are volume, treble, bass. Comes in what looks like the original hardcase but the covering is black woven fabric instead of the expected tolex. Weight is light for this era at 8.7 lbs.

    Price is $1300 shipped SOLD

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    That musicman is amazing!
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    Sorry to clutter up the thread, but: No foolin'! Lightweight and a nice price, too. Dang, man....
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