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G&L L-1505 Modifications - idea share

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by DrumsAndBass, May 8, 2016.

  1. Forgive me for crowing about G&L's but I just want to share the mods I've done on my L-1505's.
    I'm still floating on cloud 9 from the nice tone after a gig tonight. Granted, G&L's don't need mods because what is not broken does not need fixing but these mods worked out very well for me. Here they are:

    BassesByLeo • View topic - My "prototype" gig tested L-1505 with mods


    BassesByLeo • View topic - My gig tested L-1505 with lots of modifications

    ***** I really love the second MFD in the more neckward position. It's got a deeper tone than a L-2500 which I carefully compared. I simply placed the second MFD pickup further forward than it is on a L-2500. This lets both of them do their thing when both are on with the Gibson style switch. And, they are both useful when soloed too. Actually, I don't use the bridge pickup soloed. I either use both or the neck soloed.

    The bass with the burst finish was the first one that I modded - sort of a prototype. It makes little sense to mod an already great bass but these 1505's are a very very very solid platform for such a long list of mods. In other words, G&L's can handle it. These mods worked out so well that the second bass with the natural finish was modded the same exact way. :)

    Well, to each their own. I'm simply offering ideas.
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