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G&L L-2000

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by CaptainWally, Mar 16, 2004.

  1. I'm interested in hearing more L-2000 and had a couple of questions. I've tried one and they are a swiss army knife of tones for sure, but opinions on the following:

    * Can you get authentic J tones out of it when the bridge pickup in single coil mode? E.g., IMHO, Lakland *kind* of does a J and a MM, but not quite. Is the G&L spot on with the J tones?

    * Anyone compare an L-2000 with rosewood to maple? In particular, how would birdseye maple affect tone?

  2. I have owned a few G&Ls over the years and have played a few more besides. An L-2000 has a few useful tones but an accurate 'J-tone' isn't one of them.

    The L-2000/2500s I played didn't have a coil tap. I checked G&L's website and it looks like they still don't. The biggest complaint I had with the basses I owned was one the preamps were noisey and two there was no means of blending the pickups - all or nothing. I think the 'J' tone is all about carefully blending two single coil pick-ups. You can fool around with the relative heights of the pick-ups and the pole pieces but that isn't really possible 'on the fly'.

    The basses are very nicely made and finished. Be prepared to take a 'beating' if you buy a new one and decide to sell it in a year or two. They don't seem to hold their value very well. With that said, lots out there used for a good price.

    The Maple 'board will be much brighter than the rosewood. The rosewood boards I had were nice and mellow. The Birdseye Maple G&L uses are usually very pretty.

    If you really want a G&L with the the 'J-tones', you might want to take a closer look at the JB-2. I had one of those and it was a sweet bass.
  3. kamikazenasis


    Jun 10, 2003
    It's funny, the L-2000 i played did NOT seem to be the swiss army knife of all tones..

    I went over to my buddies house to record and didnt bring my gear, thus i ended up using his fathers. His father had a pretty old L-2000 (circa late 80's?) and a modded out Ibanez flying V. Well, to say the least it had a very awesome rock tone, but it didnt seem to get a variety of tones. Whether or not this bass was modded ( I wasnt so sure, mainly since I was tweakin with the Ibanez most of the time haha) to suit a more rockish scenario is highly unknown to me, other than that it was a great sounding bass!

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