G&L L-2500 overdriving my input, even on passive mode...

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by SuperSnake2012, Jun 20, 2008.

  1. SuperSnake2012

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    Dec 12, 2006
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    I have a GK 1001-RBII head, and even on passive mode, the G&L is overdriving the input when I dig in. These pickups must be super hot... is there a way I can play without having to use the -14dB pad? I don't like using it, I feel like it takes the balls away from my tone. :p

    Not sure if this is bass or amp related, sorry. :bag:
  2. rok51

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    Sep 2, 2002
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    Yes, the MFD pickups are super hot. You may just have to turn the volume down on the bass itself.

  3. Osprey


    Jun 20, 2005
    I bet you'll get more technical replies than this, and replies from people with more experience of different basses. My story though, which may be relevant:

    I have an MIA P Bass, and I've been playing it though a Peavey head. For a while I've been saying I need to get a bigger or better rig, because when I turned up the volume the tone turned into a loud fart.

    One of the guys in the band said I needed to use the input pad. On the head itself this is labelled Active/Passive, so I'd been leaving it on passive. However, using the Active setting did the trick: I'd been overdriving the pre-amp side of the head, and now I can use plenty of pre gain and lots of volume, while still getting the tone I want to hear. Suddenly I'm putting the drummer in his place.
  4. optikhog


    Apr 2, 2007
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    +1. Just turn the volume knob down to get it to a level the head will like.

    My L-2000 is the first bass I've owned which doesn't lose tone when the volume knob is turned down when passive. It's great!
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    Something else that helps is to lower the pick ups as far as they will go .
  6. there are a lot of threads like this one in the G&L forum. you can either use the pad or turn the bass down a bit. Or you can do what I did and get a radial tonebone bassbone which lets you back the signal down just a little so you have the full gain from your bass feeding the radial and then let that feed the gk. I have the same rig as you and it is AWESOME !!! The radial is an awesome piece of gear that lets you do a multitude of things on stage,