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G&L L5500

Discussion in 'G&L Bass Forum' started by DiazRomero, Apr 19, 2006.

  1. DiazRomero


    Jun 25, 2004
    Moss Beach, CA
    Anyone hear of or play a G&L L5500? How do they differ from a L2500?:cool:

    MAJOR METAL The Beagle Father Supporting Member

    The EMG Pickups are radically different then the MFD Humbuckers.
  3. I own one of these. As major metal said, they came with EMG pups, don't know what type. I can't say I really like the sound, either. Sort of sterile - no character, IMO. Haven't ever played the L2500, but from what I've read about the pups, this instrument seems a lot better. Also the L5500 is a VERY HEAVY beast. Heavier than anything I've come across. It's well made though. String spacing a bit tight. They were discontinued, I believe because the EMG pups weren't popular.
  4. spideyjg


    Mar 19, 2006
    San Diego
    It has been said elsewhere the EMG's in hten 5500 run much better on 18V not 9V.

  5. Mine is powered by a single 9V battery. Is it possible to modify it to run on 18V? And anyone know what difference this would make?
  6. coop


    Jun 22, 2002
    The 18v conversion really helps the EMGs find some of that "oomph" in the bottom end, and a little bit of mid "growl". I did it on my old Charvel, and it helped alot.


    ......as always I reserve the right to be totally incorrect.:confused:
  7. I love my 5500 because the EMG's offer superb clarity on the low notes. And of course it's dead silent.

    The 5500 has the sleekest body of any G&L bass, a beautiful guitar. Solid ash does make them a tad heavier than the 2500 and 1505.

    They are not all that common. Don't quote me, but I think I read that 260 were built.

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  8. Thanks for that link coop. Very interesting, think I'll give it a try.cheers
  9. biggierat


    Apr 24, 2006
    i am the proud owner of a lefty 5500 maple neck honeyburst..the emg's are sweet..it is heavy but that's why it is solid on the b:bassist:
  10. tpolgrafix


    Feb 15, 2006
    North Dakota
    Hey Coop, thanks for the link, I did the modification to 18v on my 5500 last Tuesday and played a two-nighter on the weekend. Great improvement!

    I even had another bass player sit in on a few songs to see how it sounded through the mains, and it really cut through the mix, much better mids and lows. Thanks again for the tip!
  11. Nino Valenti

    Nino Valenti Supporting Member Commercial User

    Feb 2, 2001
    Staten Island NYC
    Builder: Valenti Basses
    I've owned 2 of them and one of them waws my main gigging bass for a while.

    Both were heavy. Both sounded great. the necks were a little chunkier to basses I own now but if I could get one at a nice low price, I'd jump all over it.
  12. GabeN


    Feb 27, 2006
    Chugiak, AK
    Wow, I didnt know they were that rare. I saw a clear blue one at the local guitar shop for a tad over $700, but decided against getting it because I hate 5's and the neck edges were poorly rounded. Overall, I wasnt impressed with it's playability. The tone also just didnt have the character the SB-2. I just kind of figured it was a 2500 with the stock pups replaced.:eyebrow:
  13. TheTurk19


    Jul 1, 2006
    My main bass is currently a 5500, and has been for the last, oh...8 years maybe? It is heavy, certainly, but I fell in love with the clear, Jazz tone alongside the oomph of a P-bass. Why they were discontinued, because of the EMG's, is lost on me. I think it's a great sound. I was able to get the action nice and low, so it's perfect for finger-style, slap, tap, whatever I want. And, unlike a lot of five string basses I've tried, the B is nice and distinct. Unless my hands are taken from me in a horrible cheese grating accident, I'm never getting rid of it.

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  14. hands5


    Jan 15, 2003
    good 'ol USA/Tampa fla.
    I had this bass also,and I felt the same way and although I didn't mind its weight, I wasn't crazy about the string spacing
  15. dgce


    Jun 17, 2001
    Massachusetts, USA
    So why did G&L discontinued the L5500? Quite simply, G&L built a better mousetrap. The L5500s just couldn't compete with the L2500. I recall when the only 5 string G&L had was the L5500. I had the catalog and while drooling at all those goodies I found myself looking at the L2000s and thinking, "they really ought to make a real 5 string version of that puppy. Such killer pickups should be available on a 5 string model." And sure enough, that's G&L did and naturally we all flocked to the L2500s. Though not exactly as "dead silent" as EMGs those MFD humbuckers are killer, versatile, and have character. They’re so...well G&L! Those poor L5500s never had a chance after they got the L2500 right (that is with the 3x2 head stock and lighter body). Still, with a nice thick strap, the L5500 isn't bad at all, really.

  16. Ok.....I've had my first G&L for about 6 1/2 hours & did the mod on my L5500.......don't really want to crank it up because it's 12:30AM but it's still quiet & at the low volume I'm playing it sounds crisper already.
  17. One more thing about the 55's...

    It's equipped with the BTC tone circuit. Shuffling the little dip switches around will impact the overall sound of these basses.

    The pan knob is nice too.
  18. rafonk


    Sep 11, 2007
    Mission TX
    Hi guys! Im selling my L5500 with the EMG's is sunburst finish and in really nice shape, almost new, I 'm not in to 5 strings any more....does some one knows how to date it or where can I find the years info? or the price arround
  19. quickervicar

    quickervicar Supporting Member

    Jul 21, 2006
    Lancaster, PA
    I agree. The DIP switches made a vast improvement in smoothing out the high end of my Modulus. Keep fiddling!
  20. My bass teacher recently bought one. The neck is way thick, I don't think I'd be able to play it very long. It has 4+1 headstock configuration which I like more than 3+2 (and the headstock is prettier, like on 4-stringers). As to the sound, it's definitely not G&Lish. Nice, but without much character to it. I would use it for modern jazz and funk.

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