SOLD G&L LB-100 Precision Bass

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    Hi folks

    Another TB'er recently inquired as to the availability of this bass and given I took some picture I thought I would put it out there to see if anyone might be interested in a trade. Bass was purchased from a fellow TB'er a number of years ago (link to the sale below). Its been sitting largely unplayed in my studio as such I thought I would float it out there to see if I can stimulate any interesting trades. Bass is in excellent overall condition - same condition reflected in the initial post (again see link below). Currently strung with LB low tension flats. Very low action and is an outstanding player in every regard. The bass has 5 (FIVE!) pic guards most custom from WD. These are around $100 a piece. Black (solid), red tort, pearl tort, white tort, vintage cream tort. Mix and match to your hearts content!

    I'm going to be very specific in terms of what I'm looking for - not interested in anything outside of the following:
    4 string fretless (non-jazz base as I just bought one) of similar quality.
    ex. Music Man Fretless, G&L Fretless etc

    I recently purchased a bass from CME and have all the packaging to ship safely in a professional manner anywhere in the CONUS (incld Canada).

    Spec sheet:
    Royal Purple Metallic
    Swamp Ash Body
    Quartersawn Maple Neck (the spec sheet does say Hard-Rock, but the I ordered it from G&L and paid for Quartersawn and you can tell from the pictures of the grain of the neck that it is truly a quartersawn neck. I just never bothered to have G&L re-print the spec sheet.)
    Birdseye Maple Fretboard (extremely highly figured and no longer available through G&L)
    White Pearloid Fretboard Markers (for a cool stealthy look. The side dots are still black so you can easily know where you are on the neck, if you need it.)
    Stainless Steel Frets!!!!! (never do a re-fret job again!)
    Light Tint Gloss Neck Finish
    Graph-Tech Nut
    Matching Royal Purple Metallic Headstock w/G&L logo only (no model logo)
    3-Ply White Pearloid and 1-Ply Black Pickguard
    Original G&L Hardshell Case (and build sheet)
    Weight: 9.2 lbs

    SOLD - G&L LB-100 Precision Bass, Royal Purple, Birdseye Maple, Stainless Steel Frets,

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    Good Lordy
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    dear bass gods, why do I want every G&L LB100 I ever see?