SOLD G&L M2500 Custom Order Empress — Under 8lbs!!!

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  1. Cutter8

    Cutter8 Supporting Member

    Feb 4, 2018

    Empress body G&L M2500 in excellent+ condition with original HSC in like new condition (custom order matching headstock with “model number delete” option). This is an exceptional bass in every way and, at just under 8lbs, it weighs nearly 2lbs less than most M2500’s! It amazes me every time I pick it up. Light as a feather and such a pleasure to play! I put Sadowsky style black aluminum indexed knobs on the bass and moved the bottom strap button about 4” up the body (I do this with almost all of my basses because they hang better on a strap with the bottom button above the centerline).

    $1,250 shipped CONUS.

    Not interested in trades unless you have a really nice medium scale (or if for some reason you care to offer a straight trade on something I could easily sell for more than the price of this bass). [EDIT: I would also consider trading for almost any 4 or 5 string Muckelroy or a 5-string Alien Audio under 9lbs (plus appropriate cash on my end, as needed).]

    Thanks for looking! :thumbsup:

    D1656AB7-6589-4A9A-A050-C831FD4AE9B4.jpeg DEFF6717-CBCF-4FFD-878D-CC65F2FDFA64.jpeg 63342AC0-D846-4F85-B044-46BF79142215.jpeg 3D4B9551-B842-456D-A7C6-29D6418F1DEE.jpeg F9717A08-902E-4E6E-BEC8-4DC4DA254C45.jpeg D3A3B490-B44A-4A92-922E-4775808E3AA0.jpeg 4656F148-AD5C-4EF5-8791-4BE19967F6E3.jpeg 9A9B266E-48DA-4375-B322-BCBA695425A6.jpeg B3E19578-F015-44DD-B2B4-197F0693FAF0.jpeg DDD1EFC3-7493-4151-9D83-D3CA7AEB607A.jpeg 933E338B-4225-4B15-8B2B-275789FAA4C4.jpeg 522F2A88-5CC6-4C82-BB47-8F829F370147.jpeg 0C66FE0D-7CE7-42AD-BD22-C218303B2813.jpeg 2F10A40A-78F3-433E-81F0-3E3CBA2425AB.jpeg 201B617D-A278-43BD-86A0-1232E0E57D87.jpeg BE81AF3E-3C35-4350-944A-63FEAE43DCC6.jpeg CBF8ABB7-6235-4D37-AE7E-ED0C812555BA.jpeg A191960C-A6BC-4816-94EA-0E390C856F8F.jpeg
    4B28E48E-F45F-4645-8E21-A710D132AC58.jpeg D06DF689-E984-47EF-AA7A-32ADB702E045.jpeg
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  2. TimBosby

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    Dec 19, 2004
    Omaha, NE, USA
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  3. Cutter8

    Cutter8 Supporting Member

    Feb 4, 2018
    I know! I’m already having second thoughts. :thumbsdown:
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  4. That's a rare animal. Tough to find a M series 5 string in the empress.
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  5. Cutter8

    Cutter8 Supporting Member

    Feb 4, 2018
    I certainly can't claim to have done an exhaustive search, but I hunted around quite a bit to find this one and can only recall seeing one other M2500 with an Empress body for sale. I don't why they don't build a lot more 5-strings with Empress bodies (or 4-strings for that matter). Not only is it light weight, but it's extremely resonant. I keep wondering if there is something I'm missing?
  6. My USA L2500 is over 10lbs, I can’t even play it anymore, because of my neck. When my Elrick sells I will surely pick this up if it is still around. GLWTS
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  7. mark35mi

    mark35mi Supporting Member

    Jul 21, 2002
    Bonita Springs, FL
    Beauty! GLWTS!
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  8. Doug Parent

    Doug Parent

    May 31, 2004
    San Diego, Ca.
    Dealer Nordstrand Pickups.
    If I didn't already have an M2500 this would be a quick sale for a killer bass that just slays.
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  9. Nice
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  10. GerryH

    GerryH Supporting Member

    Feb 5, 2017
    St. Louis, MO
    Do you have a picture of the place where the strap button used to be? Did you repair the spot? Thanks.
  11. Cutter8

    Cutter8 Supporting Member

    Feb 4, 2018
    I’m out of town but will post a pic Monday evening when I get home. I just put a small black screw in the original hole so it would be easy to put the strap button back in the original spot.
  12. Stranger Danger

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    Jan 3, 2010
    Denver, CO
    Very nice! The knobs subtly improve the look of the whole bass to me. Well done!
  13. Cutter8

    Cutter8 Supporting Member

    Feb 4, 2018
    Thanks! I think so too. :thumbsup: