SOLD G&L SB-1 fretless "franken-bass" with Andrew Drake neck!

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    Reduced price: now only $675, shipped to the lower 48!! :thumbsup: Crazy good bass!

    I bought this recently from a solid TB’er; I’m a guitarist trying to “fake” bass, and this looked pretty killer – and it is! Alas, though, I realized I needed to keep working on my bass-basics before venturing into fretless territory!

    Here are details mostly copied from the original ad:

    “This unique bass began its life as a USA-made G&L SB-1 (split P-bass style) from the 90’s. It has been modified to mimic Leland Sklar's famous double reverse P "Frankenbass." Originally, it was fretted and had a maple neck. Then, I sold the original maple neck and had Andrew Drake of Drake Custom Bass make me a fretless neck. I also modified the control cover in the center with some faux-maple contact paper.

    Here are the specs. All work and modification expertly done by Andrew Drake, a master craftsman whose attention to detail is second to none.

    - Maple body - natural flame to the wood. Originally sunburst, stripped and refinished in a transparent amber finish, which looks fantastic. The pickguard holes were plugged - you can see where they were, up close, but otherwise not really noticeable due to Andrew's fantastic attention to detail.

    - Reverse P pickup routs placed directly above and below the original pickup rout. Active EMG pickups and EMG knobs were installed. Control plate made from plastic. Vol/Vol/Tone are the controls.

    - Roasted maple neck done by Andrew Drake. 1.625" at the nut, 7.25 radius, feels amazing. Pau ferro board with light finish on the board. Simply the greatest fretless neck I've ever touched. The original 3 bolt neck was professionally converted to four-bolt and designed to use ferrules instead of a neck plate. The neck has a micro-tilt neck adjustment access point. I've never used it but you are free to try it if you'd like.

    - Custom black plastic cover put over original pickup rout, which houses two 9V batteries for the EMGs. I had a sticker on the cover, and then it didn't fully come off so I put sheets off faux "maple" contact paper over it and smoothed it as best I could. I applied a little dark tung oil to darken it up and let it dry. It is a little bumpy and not perfect but I think it blends fairly well with the rest of the body.

    - Original G&L powder-coated black bridge

    - Black Hipshot Ultra Light tuners

    - I am not sure but I think the bass is between 8 and 9 lbs.

    - There’s close to $2000 in the bass.”

    - UPDATE: I (Marc) just had brand new, custom, passive pickups made by Howard Ulyate (!), installed by a local pro, and they sound great! [The original EMGs will come with this, if you want to change them back in.] Also had it setup with LaBella “tiger” tapewound strings (the fretboard will handle flats or whatever you like on fretless!), and the G string was intonated (it was slightly off).

    The neck is super nice, and it’s a cool bass!

    Original ad: SOLD - Unique fretless inspired by Lee Sklar's double reverse P Frankenbass

    Comes with basic gig bag, EMG pickups, and wiring.

    Excellent instrument, shipped to the lower 48 States, for $675 !! Let's sell it today!!

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    My old bass and it's incredible.
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    Apr 21, 2012
    :) You know it! Thanks.
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    Apr 21, 2012
    Crazy Cyber Monday Sale!!!