SOLD G&L SB-1 (MIA) - Price Lowered

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    I thought this one is a keeper for life but after about the 5th try, over many years of playing, I’ve finally made peace with playing 5 stringers. Consequently I’m selling all but 2 of my 4-stringers (those I have a sentimental attachment to get to stay). Bottom line, this is a no excuse, great bass. The G&L spec sheet is attached below. What it doesn’t tell you is, the bass is very clean, excellent+ condition, it weighs a tad below 9 lbs (figure 8 lbs 15oz) by my scale, the neck is straight as an arrow and all notes ring evenly and true (no dead spots, wolf tones, etc.). It is being sold with a Fender HSC. (I included its original case when I sold another bass that did not have one.) I will only sell to US buyers with a US shipping address. Shipping will be by USPS. I can no longer afford the insane prices asked by UPS, FedEx, etc. If you require shipment by a premium shipper, please add $25 to the sale price.


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