SOLD G&L SB-1 Precision Style Bass - Mint - Margarita Metallic Flake Matching HS SB1 QS Neck

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    Feb 26, 2018
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    ***Selling for less than I paid a couple weeks back; Price is shipped with original box and case; add $30 East of Dallas & Local pickup in Orange County / SoCal is okay and preferred***

    ***8.8 LBS - NICE & LIGHT / NO DIVE***

    If you are in the market for a new P-Bass or Precision style bass, here's a mint USA Rare-Color SB1 beauty up for grabs with a Quartersawn neck, matching headstock, bone nut, and all the fix-ins... plastic still on the guard & only minor studio use with no marks/swirls or scratches.

    Purchased just a couple weeks ago and left in its case, this 2019 bass is in mint condition with only minor studio use, no wear and pickguard plastic still in place. Killer G&L Specs and Leo Fender MFD high output pickups make for one helluva P-Bass killer. Color is a Metallic Margarita flake, beautiful, with plenty of head-turnin' prowess and a killer set matching headstock, gorgeous maple neck & mint-clean bass. Sweet opalescent black pearl dots (goes from black to pearl -- captured in pics) on a beautiful fretboard, killer quarter sawn neck on this alder-bodied babe.

    Only selling because I just got the opportunity to purchase a rare hand-wired amp that I'd been looking for which doesn't come up for sale too often, so last to the herd has to go. Bass is incredible but stable is just WAY too fat right now.

    Includes all docs, original OEM box, and G&G hardcase + all specs and COA as shown, case is mint as well. Brand new fresh set of D'adarrio strings - throw on what you love to play.

    No trades, only selling this monster to recoup some of the funds I spent on the amp, really sucks to see her go, but you know how it goes. Bass is beautiful and hard to capture the metallic flake in all its glory, but I think I got it in a few snaps. Color changes with light, so tried to shoot a few different light sources/angles.

    Request more pics if needed; full-specs of build in pics. COA INCLUDED ALONG WITH WARRANTY REGISTRATION CARD IN HANDSOME G&L BLK ENVELOPE.

    Ships same day in OEM box as received; headstock will be wrapped in foam and strings loosened for safe transit!

    You can check my feedback here - have shipped & sold face to face to fellow TB'ers and have sold for years on Reverb and eBay. Click those links to chk feedback.

    Thanks fellow TB'ers.

    A5EB5328-7A17-44DB-A135-26824DD93F60.jpeg IMG_3269.JPG IMG_3250.JPG IMG_3251.JPG IMG_3252.JPG IMG_3268.JPG

    IMG_3255.JPG IMG_3256.JPG IMG_3259.JPG IMG_3261.JPG IMG_3262.JPG IMG_3263.JPG IMG_3264.JPG IMG_3265.JPG IMG_3270.JPG IMG_3271.JPG IMG_3273.JPG IMG_3279.JPG

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