g&l sb-2

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  1. jim primate

    jim primate bass guitarist.

    i've played two sb-2's in my life and they were completely different.

    the first one had the standard g&l headtsock w/ the ugly pointy thing going on. but the pickup config. rocked. it had two singles coils and telecaster style controls. one volume and one tone with a 3way switch.

    the second one had a sort of fender looking headstock. no weird point, just smooth. but i can't stand the pickup config. 1p, 1j and two volume knobs. no tone, no switch. it sounds good but compared to the first sb-2 i played...(also i hate the p-j pickup layout, that's just me.)

    so anyways, can anyone shed some light on these basses. what years, where i can find one like the first one?
  2. i think you may have the headstocks mixed up... the 2 j pickups came before the p&j config and the fender looking headstock came before the one with the ugly point... fender sued g&l so they had to change it to what it is now... im not sure about the years or anything... i looked it up a long time ago but i dont remember... check out guitarsbyleo.com for more info